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Venuss Flower Basket The Sponge That Can Produce Glass Naturally

Venuss Flower Basket The Sponge That Can Produce Glass Naturally


Venus's Flower Basket

glass sponge body structure

The glass-like fibers of a glass sponge transmit light better than our fiber optics, yet are made from natural materials and at ambient temperatures.

NOAA image of deep sea Venus flower basket glass sponges

venus glass sponge

Venus' Flower-Basket (Euplectella aspergillum), a sponge that lives in deep ocean around the Philippines. It builds its hexagonal "basket" structure of ...

A Venus' flower basket sponge. Sponges may have played a role in making human life possible.

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The venus flower basket, Euplectella aspergillum, is a type of glass sponge . It

Sea Sponge Inspires Better Fiber-Optic Cables

The Venus Flower Basket - Euplectella aspergillum is a type of sponge that engineers its own

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VENUS' FLOWER BASKET (Siliceous Sponge) [Singular noun --Sponge (siliceous)]: Fr- éponge (siliceux) ; Ger-Schwamm (kieselartig) ;

Closeup of the top of a basket

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Venus Flower Basket Sponge

... also called Venus's flower basket. Euplectella aspergillum.jpg. "

Venus's flower basket sponge skeleton

Super-strong sponge: Venus's flower basket

Giclee Print: Glass Sponge or Venus's Flower Basket (Euplectella Aspergillum) : 24x16in

The *Venus's Flower Basket*, or"Euplectella aspergillum" is a hexactinellid sponge in the phylum Porifera inhabiting the … | ENCHANTMENT UNDER THE SEA ...

Illustration of an Euplectella species of marine glass sponge, commonly called Venus's flower basket (1868).

Euplectella aspergillum glass sponge

Glass Sponges Class Hexactinellida Tumblr_mqxsq07nfh1qaj00vo1_400.jpg As seen on David Attenborough's Ark Marine Ecosystem,

Glass Sponge Built Environment, Harvard, Textile Design, Textile Art, Flower Basket,

A bleached skeleton of the deep water glass sponge, Euplectella aspergillum, cared for in the Museum's collections. It is the holotype first described by ...

Deep-Sea Glass Sponge, Hawaii

Figure 2: Norman Foster's Gherkin Tower in London derives its famous diagrid skin from the Venus Flower Basket Sponge. The latticeworks on the sponge help ...

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Symbiosis of the Venus Flower Basket and Sponge Shrimp – Art as Applied to Medicine

Materials: Biomimicry - Unbreakable Glass -- Chemists Steal Engineering Tricks from Sponges | Biomimicry Examples | Glass, Sea sponge, Biomimicry examples

Pyjama slug on a red sponge

Venus' Flower Basket Ocean Depth, Deep Sea, Deep Water, Weird World,

This sponge is built to last. CREDIT: JAMES WEAVER AND DANIEL MORSE, UCSB

Euplectella aspergillum. Flower Basket ...

Venus Flower Basket

The two Euplectella specimens from the Philippines are glass sponges (Porifera, Hexactinellida). Glass sponges are largely restricted to cold waters (Deep ...

Venus Flower Basket Nature Aquarium, Venus, Sea Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Sea Glass

Any of several sponges of the genus Euplectella, especially E. aspergillum (class Hyalospongiae

Biological Fiber Optic Nanotech - Venus' Flower Basket - YouTube

A hexagonal skin inspired by the Venus Flower Basket Sponge: Norman Foster's Gherkin Tower

Flower Basket, Glass, Prints, Flowers, How To Make, Giclee Print,

... wagnerfreeinstitute January 2012 Specimen of the Month: Venus' Flower Basket | by wagnerfreeinstitute

Venus' Flower Basket

"Venus' Flower Basket" glass sponge. Patterns In Nature, Textures Patterns,

Basket at a depth of 2572 meters

PSM V03 D546 Glass rope sponge.jpg

Euplectella aspergillum Owen, 1841. Hexactinellid sponge. by swee-cheng, via Flickr · Built Environment · Flower Basket · Cebu · Natural Materials ...

Research on Deep-Sea Sponge Yields Substantial Mechanical Engineering Insights

I have to confess it was a bit of an effort to finish this series of ten posts about Attenborough's Ark animals. The first eight rattled out quickly as they ...

Closer looks reveals axial filaments in sea sponge spicules made up of proteins Sea Sponge,

PSM V03 D551 Venus flower basket.jpg

Venus Flower Basket Euplectella Glass Sponge Wedding Gift w/ 2 Prawn #glasssponge

Nature and more

glass sponge | Tumblr

"Euplectella aspergillum, with the soft tissues preserved". HMS Challenger specimen. Collection of the Natural History Museum, London

glass sponge

Venus Flower Basket (euplectella aspergilium) - Hexactinellid (Porifera Hexactinellida) a deep sea glass sponge one of the most fascinating lifeforms on our ...

glass sponge skeleton

Awwwww. Or to view it another way they're stuck, as prisoners, FOREVER! Doomed to spend eternity with one another even in death. Which version you prefer ...

Glass sponges live in deep water sediments & have a lace-like Skelton Bottom

Venus's flower basket sponge

Glass sponges live in deep water and have a rigid skeleton made of silica. They

Materials: Biomimicry - Unbreakable Glass -- Chemists Steal Engineering Tricks from Sponges

Yellow sea sponges

Chondrocladia gigantea and a cerianthid anemone Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Ocean Creatures, Deep

hexactinellid sponges

This Newly Discovered Purple Crab Found in a Phillipines Island Looks Bright


1894 Glass Sponges Illustration, Antique Print Lithograph, Hexactinellid sponges, Porifera, Sea Sponge, Venus's Flower Basket, Coral Reefs

The surprise find

"This creature's skeleton is a textbook lesson in mechanical engineering, offering valuable knowledge that could lead to new concepts in materials science ...

This is a picture of a boring sponge. It is the bright red part of the image. This type of sponge grows channels through what it latches onto and grows ...

Natural sponge (Phylum porifera) Natural Structures, Natural Forms, Natural Wonders, Microscopic

Deep Water Radiating Ball Glass Sponge Under Glass Dome

Ancient glass sponge reef discovered off B.C. coast

The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity ...

Red Tube Sponge picture Neno69, used under CC3 Attribution Share Alike Unported licence

Venus' flower basket (Euplectella aspergillum) is a sponge that produces an elaborate and intricate skeleton of glass fibers. Wikipedia: “In tra…


Typical Poriferans


Kennedy Warne

PSM V03 D555 Rosella velata.jpg

venus basket sponge - Google Search


sexual reproduction; parthenogenesis

Sponge releasing sperm


asconoid sponge, Pov-Ray model

... Glass Sponge by Natural History Museum,. Wall View 001

(W80-2) 7" natural VENUS GLASS SPONGE specimen FLOWER BASKET Weird Wedding

Ancient glass sponge reef discovered off B.C. coast

Barrel sponge releasing sperm

Solid, spherical and brightly coloured, like knobbly golf balls, sponges of the genus

Bio-inspired catalyst to lower cost of producing hydrogen Future Energy, Green Earth,

Most sponges have spicules. spicules are tiny structures made of glass (silica) or chalk (aka calcium carbonate) .

... one of which is ejecting sperm in the excurrent jetting from its osculum (a 'smoking sponge'). These sponges may be 1.5 m or more in height and can ...