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Untitled Proud Firefighter t Science jokes Science

Untitled Proud Firefighter t Science jokes Science


Science Cat Is Right And You Know It

funny cat meme | funny-chemistry-cat-lab-meme

Getting ready for another trip around the sun #newyear #newyearseve #astronomy #science

I don't understand this, but since it's science-y cat or whatever he's called, I figured you might get it.

Cat's main area of expertise: string theory. Physics Humor, Physics Lab, Science

20 Cheesy Science Jokes for the Classroom - WeAreTeachers

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Memes Vault Happy Birthday Meme with Cats

Earthmounds. Science JokesFunny ...

I Heart Science t shirt --- Women's Big Bang Theory --- S M L XL ( 1 color )

Wrap a belt around that heavenly body! #science #space #sciencejokes #astronomy

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How do you wrap a present for a cloud? Earth Mounds · Science Jokes

One of the biggest outcries from the science community is over the Trump administration refuting claims

Hundreds of Boston's brightest minds came armed with clever signs to protest Trump's 'anti-

More than 1,000 people gathered in Copley Square with signs geeky enough to leave other scientists

The above demonstrates how the device worked when tested on rats. After being attached to

She is one of the very, very few mainstream climate scientists brave enough to enter into a public dialogue about these issues.

Big Mouth

SciHi Blog: Amadeo Avogadro and Avogadro's Law. Science ...

Pay it Forward - Sounds of Science | Chuffed | Non-profit charity and social enterprise fundraising

Sep 28, 2018

Linda Hall Library: Scientist of the Day – John Scopes

RSC: Women in Chemistry Wikithon 17 August 2017

Another sign had a direct jab at Trump and said without science there would be no


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The rally was sponsored by ClimateTruth.org and The Natural History Museum. It happened

Two years ago, my wife and I fell victim to circumstance when an electrical anomaly caused a fire in our apartment. Not only were we displaced and lose a ...

Some things work and some things don't, all to a varying degree. What matters isn't the next spike. What matters is the slope of the whole damn line.

The Simpsons Olympic Gold Medal Curling. "

Nomothetic / Idiographic

20 Funny Jokes for Father's Day


Read Young's entire post below.

I am struck by the ways you seek to demystify aspects of the scientific process, including the role of theory, equations, and experimentation.

... draw-your-own-ethiek-ibo-vd-poel


'Treat your daughter for doing the washing up': Co-op under fire for 'sexist' Easter egg advert

A woman holds up a sign that says science is for everyone but should be more

"US Cultural Ambassador to Initiate Public Art Project," The Manila TImes

Christmas at Città della Scienza is a magical moment where you can breathe party air without learning about science and where, as always, ...

Trouble with reproducing laboratory results is not confined to mouse studies, or even to biology. Journals are, in general, not interested in negative ...

Feb 15, 2018

... implementation and geek/non-geek translation, ...

Telling this particular story acknowledges the contributions of members, sponsors and supporters and builds the club social creds that will in turn bring in ...

Trepaneringsritualen – Interview

A sign played on the slogan of Dunkin' Donuts and declared that America 'runs

Various archaeological and ethnographic examples of human bone modification. From the paper 'Modified human

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... thermo; thermomix; cookbook 01 Get cooking healthy meals fast with whatever brand of thermo device you own 03 Healthy Thermo Cooking for Busy ...

The Australian: Hadron Collider show reveals art of science at Sydney Powerhouse Museum


“You describe science as if it were a big organism which falls asleep when it drinks too much alcohol” – Feyerabend to Kuhn h/t Patrick McCray ...

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Popper Historicism

unnamed. With her passion for scientific ...

Untitled September Magazine, by Paul Allman

My work colleague kicked ass in his workout the other day. Here is our text conversation afterward:

'There exists a passion for comprehension [that is] rather common in children, but it gets lost in most people later on' – Albert Einstein. “

Creativity Theme Again


Bacon Taxonomy

“I really feel that being an educator was my calling and my strength because I really felt that in the long run, the most important thing ...

'So proud can't wait for ya to hear!' On December 14. '



The public Fifth Avenue entrance to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New

Italy China 2018 home

As science and technology are an essential part of his work, I want to introduce the Three Cycle Review of Design Science Research from Alan R.Hevner's “A ...




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Pharaohs – Air Kiribati

Due to a weird stroke of luck, the Indians were using toy rifles, too. Wait, what? How many fucking ghosts are there in Kentucky that none of the state's ...

Above & Beyond Rocket Science2

BLACK FRIDAY is back Città della Scienza! From November 23rd to 25th, buy one ticket and get two. Download the voucher, come and have fun with science .

Illustrated by Tanner Garlick

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Science.gov Trivia Question of the Day: December 3, ...

"MT Promises: Science Fictional Travel Technologies and the Making and Unmaking of Corporeal Identity"

The Classroom Speaker Initiative is part of Hearts on Fire's Educational Initiative, launched in 2016 in partnership with Facing History and Ourselves and ...

The Dark Age Myth: An Atheist Reviews “God's Philosophers” : Strange Notions


Nerding out over this BIG time

... reader learns not only about mind and memory, but also about the art world and the science of art, both ancient and current. Recommended for ages 8-12.