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This Photo Series Shows AfroCaribbean Hair Culture In A New

This Photo Series Shows AfroCaribbean Hair Culture In A New



NYLON · This Photo Series Shows Afro-Caribbean Hair Culture In A New, Intimate Light

Photographed by Sabrina Santiago.








The hair trade's dirty secret

“When I was younger every night my mom would brush and braid me and my sisters hair. It established a deep love for myself and the ability to recognize the ...

... to growing something for so long, to my childhood and my dad's same curls and my grandma's old pictures with fluffy white hair.” -Paris

Hairspo: These are the top hair trends of 2017

Why Can't Black Witches Get Some Respect in Popular Culture?

How does black hair reflect black history?

Fify Loewen in March 2015


South Sudanese hairdresser, Khadija Abdalla, puts corn rows in the hair of Margaret Jack


Afro-textured hair

Do it for the culture little mama

Meghan Markle (pictured) revealed she uses the semi-permanent hair straightening treatment,

Why black British drama is going online, not on TV | Television & radio | The Guardian

click to enlarge Kat Simone curated Mane 'N Tail, which opened at the Luminary last weekend.

From slavery to colonialism and school rules: a history of myths about black hair

How often should you wash your hair?

nappily ever after


Amybeth McNulty, "Anne With ...

Oni's First Dance Residency in New York

Should We Be Encouraging White Hairdressers To Learn How To Do Black Hair?

We wouldn't write 'Afro-Caribbean' today, but is 'people of colour' OK now? | Chris Elliott: Open door | Opinion | The Guardian

#SmartBrownGirl #AskJouelzy #PopSnark

Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, and Sarah Jeffery in Charmed.

“I've been natural for six years but I am just learning to love my hair in its purest most natural state. I'm talking no twist outs just love--it has been ...

Meet the lovely Nikko FungChung, author of the Anya's World Adventure picture book series! Afro-Caribbean authoress living in New York working to change the ...

“My hair, like my style, has survived many stages. Grey ones are sprouting.” -Isabella “My hair has become such a distinct part of who I am and how people ...

Meet The Afro-Caribbean Barbers Of London Taking Instagram By Storm

tribeswoman in headdress, two men with elaborate hairstyles and a Zulu couple

Wearing My Afro Is Always a Political Act

Afro-Latinos Are Missing From Pop Culture & It's Time We Right This Wrong

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Bob Marley's hair was the subject of several myths. Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND

Rochelle Humes opted for a hair designer who has no dark-skinned models

Bodi tribe woman haircut Ethiopia

Congo hair

One of the things that's been heavily promoted about the reboot of Charmed is that it is going to be a Latina-led series. During the Television Critics' ...

Holly was born with a full head of hair

100 Years of Black Hair | Allure

Karamojong Hairstyle

Beauty in the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora

YouTube Premium

Nation's Largest African-American Hair Show Marks 70 Years Of Black Beauty | Black EOE Journal

'The Incredible Jessica James'


L-r: Actor Niamh Algar, film director Harry Wootliff, food blogger Rachel Ama.

Count Me In is a multi-part series that focuses on making visible the thriving natural hair movement among Afro-descended Costa Ricans within the context of ...

“I've cut and donated three ponytails of hair throughout my life.” -Camille

Contemporary culture. Composite of Beyoncé and David Oyelowo and Will Smith

In an effort to educate others about black hair and to celebrate its diversity.

Liverpudlian woman in dreadlocks

Hamer hairstyle

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2000 Fashion Show

idris...much sexier in person Luther Series, Luther Bbc, Best Tv

Flaunt your grey hair if you believe it enhances your features. You're probably right.

17 Shows and Movies to Stream on Netflix This Black History Month | Inverse

Add all of these to your watchlist this February.


Many of us tie a woman's mane, especially long flowing locks, to femininity. As such, a woman with a bald or closely shaved head may draw undue attention ...

Akan hairstyle

Calling out: Amfo, 32, published a scathing riposte to an offer of free

Pumza Fihlani

Whose Hair is it anyway

Marcia Polimis (pictured age 41) says she began chemically relaxing her hair at age

“If your hair is relaxed, white people are relaxed.”

Sonia Boyce: 30 Years of Art and Activism

Wingate Concert Series Brooklyn 2018


'Sense8′: Aml Ameen Replaced By Toby Onwumere In Wachowskis' Netflix Series