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These lifesize lions roaming the grounds at the Rome Cavalieri are

These lifesize lions roaming the grounds at the Rome Cavalieri are


These life-size lions roaming the grounds at the Rome Cavalieri are sure to surprise

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Rome City Guide for Kids | the children's key to the eternal city | Page 2

Rather than my usual routine of pounding London's streets, I was looking forward to taking a run through some of the more remote spots in the area.

It's sometimes said that the journey can be as important as the destination and, in the case of the drive to Castello Del Nero Hotel & Spa, this adage is ...

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Crypt of the Capuchins, under the Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini in the Piazza

... for the plan of the gardens, has made the melancholy remark, “Never did the Archduke see this creation of his mind in its present superb reality.”

Rome 17th Edition by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince

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Imagen Museo di Roma in Trastevere


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PALAZZO FARNESE (After Antonio di San Gallo (with Michelangelo). Rome.) Anderson

Veghels Buiten • © tjep.com


Piazza Della Signoria

Evening Free Walking tour in Rome

Morning Free Walking tour in Rome

ponte vecchio bridge

Imagen Domus Romane of Palazzo Valentini: Fast Track

“The Seven Spectral Perils” by Dorothea Tanning Posted on 29 January 2014 by RC

Baptistery of San Giovanni (Battistero)

The story of the construction of Florence cathedral and its cupolone, or big dome, is an epic drama as well as one of the most important chapters in the ...

The biggest robbery in British history occurred earlier this week, as thieves made off with the astonishing amount of £3.2 billion, dwarfing such robberies ...

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Christo - Ponte Sant'Angelo

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I think I've found my spirit animal – these heffalumps chomp away merrily for 20 hours a day, eating up to 200 kilos. Bliss or what?

Sightseeing Rome for Kids: the fun stuff

The twenty minute conversation that ensued was engaging, inspiring, and monumental in my eyes. Others gathered to listen, but I, transformed by an artist, ...

... blowout party'' written all over it, although I'm not sure that kind of raucous affair is entirely in-keeping with the relaxed vibe of this place.

Skip the line admissions for Colosseum and St Castle Angelo + Public transportation for 3 days

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Imagen Palazzo Braschi - Museum of Rome

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The girls in front of the Circus Maximus with the Hipodrome in the background

Imagen Pantheon: Audio Guide

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Artistes Divers JAP PH, FRONT: Dai Toa Kensetsu Gaho 1942-45

The little reader in Esquilino

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Imagen National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia: Skip The Line

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The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Venetian School of Painting, by Evelyn March Phillipps

This dome is much better! It's made of chocolate! Hee, hee!

Miramar has since been the favorite residence of the Empress of Austria, who used to spend part of her winters here, the remainder at her castle on the ...

Giacobbe Giusti, Romulus and Remus

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Scarecrow passengers wait at a bus stop: This village deep in the rugged mountains of southern Japan once was home to hundreds of families.

While it may be France's second-largest city, any Frenchmen will tell that Lyon is its country's gastronomic capital.


... this city was the seat of power that produced the magnificent temples of Borobudur and Prambanan in the 8th and 9th century and powerful Mataram kingdom ...

Giacobbe Giusti, a new world. This blog is ...


We had a chance to meet with Chris, who clearly has a deep passion for the island and improving the lives of the Sumbanese. “I have always been a risk taker ...


Imagen Palazzo Venezia

Other things to do include guided treks, archaeological tours, art gallery visits, shopping and massage treatments. We went to Spa Heaven, ...

Gian Lorenzo Bernini The Ecstasy of Saint Therese , Cappella Cornaro, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of ...

Imagen Digital City Tour of Rome

Lily in Rome

Imagen Saint Paul's Basilica: Audio Guide

Afterwards we go to Ava on a public ferry filled with travellers and motorbikes. We take a horse-cart — one of maybe 200 in the village —to explore this ...

Imagen Ara Pacis Museum

To mark the inauguration of President Donald Trump , California Assembly Democrats issued an open letter to all Californians just to make clear they won't ...

The Abbey of San Miniato al Monte

Kara Walker American, born 1969 The Emancipation Approximation, Scene 6, 1999-2000

Catherine Thiry Horse Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, Horse Art, Public Art, Art Forms

Cover of "Las Vegas"

The story of the construction of Florence cathedral and its cupolone, or big dome, is an epic drama as well as one of the most important chapters in the ...

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I love this idea, putting this at a cemetery.

2000+ year old cast bronze life-size horses stolen from Constantinople during the crusades

(0.15/25), 124

L. Richardson, Jr. (editor)-A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome-Johns Hopkins University Press (1992).pdf | Antiquarian | Rome

As Bragg's neighbours received anonymous letters urging them to drive the hectoring socialist monster out of their sleepy ...

Giacobbe Giusti, Romulus and Remus

Collaboration Roth | Freund + Friends + Freunde + Freunde | 1969 | Zucker Art Books

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