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The wall Allegory of time a series of 5 abstracts covering a

The wall Allegory of time a series of 5 abstracts covering a


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... London, Bought with contributions from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, The Art Fund, and the Pilgrim Trust, 1983 (NG6483), © National Gallery, ...

The Tyrant in Allegory of Bad Government

Ambrogio Lorenzetti - Allegory of the Good Government (detail) - WGA13487.jpg

The Allegory of Faith

Francesco del Cossa: Allegory of May: Triumph of Apollo (detail), between

An allegory of time. 1769. Martin Josef Geeraerts. Flemish.1707-1791

Time, Death and Judgement by George Frederic Watts, circa 1870-1886. Frederic

Allegory of Avarice by Jacopo Ligozzi death and the maiden grim reaper Father Time scythe maid girl woman dance danse macabre skull skeleton

Detail of plaster cast of Bacchanal with Children and a Goat in Jacob Toorenvliet, Allegory of Painting (JT-106)

Religious symbolism and iconography

Wikipedia/Public Domain

The figure of Peace in Allegory of Good Government


Abstract Painting - Os1976ny001 Allegory Of Tension 20x25.5 by Alfredo Da Silva

Time Vanquished by Love, Hope, and Fame or Saturn Conquered by Amor, Venus and Hope 1645 Simon Vouet

Allegory of the Four Seasons - Manfredi's picture has been interpreted as an allegory of the

Allegory of the arts. Pompeo Batoni. Italian.1708-1787. oil on

French art nouveau period "Seasons" allegories by Elisabeth Sonrel, 1890. Art Deco

Titian 'Allegory of Time Governed by Prudence' The National, National Museum, National

a Head Trip? No, it's an Allegory! – Variety

Two more paintings in the building, Two Lions (fig. 4) and Wildman (fig. 5) have been attributed to the painter, although their precise relation to this ...

Allegory of the Cave Painting

Allegory of the Cave Painting

A strip of gold-tooled leather. The Vermeer family owned it, as can be noted in the 1976 inventory. The strip is also included by Vermeer in The Love Letter ...

A series of 5 abstracts to cover a wall space of 2 x 3 meters. Space is time; Time isn't space

Allegory in the Middle Ages

Allegory of the Cave Painting

Saatchi Art Artist Patrick Rakotoasitera; Collage, “The Allegory of Secret Scripture Power”

Interiors and interiority in Vermeer: empiricism, subjectivity, modernism | Palgrave Communications

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Abstract Capitalism by Jan De Cock at Office Baroque

If you wander through New York's Museum of Modern Art, you'll eventually come across Painting Number 2 by Franz Kline, a set of thick, unruly black lines on ...

Detail of sketchbook in Jacob Toorenvliet, Allegory of Painting (JT-106)


Allegory of the Discovery of America. Jacopo Zucchi

The Effects of Good Government

Justice in Allegory of Good Government

Theodoor van Thulden, Justice and Concord, signed and dated 1646, canvas, 147 × 192 cm, 's-Hertogenbosch, Town Hall.

Secrets of Famous Works of Art

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URL, http://journals.openedition.org/eac/docannexe/image/907/img-10.jpg

It's safe to say the creator's intent is always to inspire, whether that's to elicit an emotional response or get you to think about something in a new or ...

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Jack Whitten, Spiral: A Dedication to R. Bearden, 1988. Photo: Gene Pittman

Allegory of Sciences, Xylograph, France, 16th Century Giclee Print by | Art.com


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Two Lovers by Reza Abbasi, 1630

Agrandir ...

Michael Fassbender is quite the android in Alien: Covenant.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Salvator Mundi, painted circa 1500.

The wall

Celebrating the arrival of 2013 on New Year's Eve, many people must have wondered why they still existed. Wasn't the world supposed to end on December 21 ...

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10 Old Masters that changed the art market

Jack Whitten, Mask of God I and II, for Joseph Campbell, 1987. Photo: Gene Pittman

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Building blocks: our edit of 2016's most striking structures around the globe | Wallpaper*

The Painter's Studio: A Real Allegory Summing up Seven Years of my Artistic and Moral

Larry Poons ...

Seeing the Bomb, Imagining the Future: Allegorical Vision in the Post-Cold War Nuclear Optic

What is an allegory? *A story or visual image with tangible, but unrealistic

In the frame: 2016's standout designs from around the globe

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Detail with a table functioning as an altar table. On the altar table a cloth, a standing crucifix, a gilded chalice and a hefty liturgical tome used during ...

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Hunters in the Snow (Winter), 1565, oil

URL, http://journals.openedition.org/eac/docannexe/image/907/img-12.jpg

Henry RYLAND Allegory of Music Pre Raphaelite Paintings, Victorian Art, Fantastic Art, Musa

Allegory of the Immaculate Conception (1541)

URL, http://journals.openedition.org/ceroart/docannexe/image/4894/img-11.jpg

Ed Moses ...

Allegory of Sciences, Xylograph, France, 16th Century Giclee Print by | Art.com

Allegory of Sciences, Xylograph, France, 16th Century Giclee Print by | Art.com

Melissa Kretschmer ...

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770), An Allegory with Venus and Time,

Jan Senbergs Here & There - The Age

Angela Dufresne, The real Allegory ...

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Allegories of Art, Politics, and Poetry - Journal #41 January 2013 - e-flux

Step 5. The Allegory ...

ArtCover Magazine

Bill Rutherfoord: Allegory of No Region Aug 11 through Oct 13, 2018. Hooker Garrett Gallery

URL, http://journals.openedition.org/ceroart/docannexe/image/3229/img-5.jpg

CAPTION: Vintage photograph, taken 26 May 1952 by the Delft photographer P. van der Reijken. Here the Vermeer painting The Allegory of Catholic Faith is ...

Jack Whitten, Martin Luther King's Garden, 1968. Photo: Gene Pittman

Allegory of Sciences, Xylograph, France, 16th Century