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Stamp Ombudsperson for Childrens Office Mauritius Anniversaries

Stamp Ombudsperson for Childrens Office Mauritius Anniversaries


Stamp: Ombudsperson for Children's Office (Mauritius) (Anniversaries and Events 2014) Mi

Anniversaries & Events 2014

Unofficial FDC registered at Port Louis GPO

Rs25 - 25 Years of the Introduction of Mobile Telephone in Mauritius (1989-2014)

Rs8 - 150th Death Anniversary of Blessed Father Laval (1864-2014)

2014 16 June - 10th Anniversary of Ombudsperson for Children

140th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union (1874-2014)

Stamp: 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with India (Mauritius) (Links With India

Stamp: 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with India (Mauritius) (Links With India) Col:MU 2018-05A | Stamps - EAST AFRICA

Reverend Jean Le Brun is regarded as the precursor of free education in Mauritius. Soon after his arrival on the island on 18 May 1814 he started setting up ...

2015 8 March - International Women's Day

2012 9 Oct - Anniversaries and events

Stamp: Women in Hedareb costume (Eritrea) (Eritrean National Festival) Mi:

2012 17 May - 40th Anniv Sino-Mru diplomatic_10

90th Anniversary of the Cooperative Movement in Rodrigues (1924-2014)

... Emtel, an international joint venture between Currimjee Jeewanjee & Co. Ltd., based in Mauritius, and Millicom International Cellular S.A., ...

2014 - 140 anniv Royal society of arts

2013 10 July - 5th Anniv Le Morne UNESCO_2

2010 Stamp year pack

The souvenir reply coupon purchased at the Philatelic Bureau, Port Louis on 13 July 2015.

2014 8 Aug - 90th Anniv of Coop mvt Rodrigues

2011 28 Oct - 35th Anniv MPA

2014 22 March - 170th Anniv of Golf Gymkhana

https://stampsofmauritius.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/1972-26-june-150- anniversary-of-

The MBC is the national public broadcaster of the Republic of Mauritius, i.e. the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agaléga. It was established a a body ...

2011 30 June - Anniversaries and events

'Meter marks of Mauritius' is now available. This 76 page publication in colour is a must for collectors of Mauritian meter marks and those wishing to start ...

July 13

Mail registered on 12 July 2013 at Rose Belle PO

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19 March 2003: Echo Parakeet, Official First Day Cover

40 Years of the Maritime Wing of the Mauritius Police Force (1974-2014)

Stamp: Women in Hedareb costume (Eritrea) (Eritrean National Festival) Mi:ER 334 | Stamps - EAST AFRICA | East africa, Africa, Eritrean

150 ans benediksyon pou nou pei (150 years of blessing for our country)

1973 10 April - 5th anniversary of independence

Stamp: Seafaring and Exploration (Seychelles) (Seafaring and Exploration) Mi:SC

1993 12 March - 25th anniversary National Day

Emtel Headquarters are in the cybercity of Ebène.

1969 Annivero f sugar industry special cover

20 June 2011: Anniversaries and Events, Official First Day Cover

2008 12 March - 40th anniversary independence

Istanbul, Turkey.. The Neyzen of Eminönü.. The Turkish ney is an end-blown reed flute.. A Turkish ney player is referred to as a neyzen.

Stamp: Women in Hedareb costume (Eritrea) (Eritrean National Festival) Mi:ER 334 | Stamps - EAST AFRICA | East africa, Africa, Eritrean

Thereafter, in 1844, according to records available at the war office, golf was introduced by the officers of the British Military in Mauritius.

... Mauritius 2014 Anniversary & Events 4V GUTTER/PLATE BLOCKS MNH ...


fdc.jpg?w=650&h=395 ...

1978 12 March - New definitive issue 2

1978 12 March - New definitive issue 3 ...


2000 25 Jan - 150th anniversary MCCI

Click here for handstamp

osaka.jpg?w=635&h=412 ...

There are currently around 1.5 million cellular subscribers in Mauritius (accurate as at May 2014) for a population of 1.3 million inhabitants (2014 ...

Hand stamped at the Philatelic Bureau, Port Louis:

https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/EacAAOSwHMJYLVsr/s-l1600.jpg ...

1970 ...


... Communication Technology, Arnaud Godère, the then Chairman of the Mauritius Post, and Giandev Moteea, the Chief Executive Officer of the Mauritius Post.

mauritian-life.jpg ...

airport.jpg?w=700: “Mauritius ...

un.jpg?w=621&h=363 ...

http://www.stevedrewett.com/images/11728.jpg: ...

lenin.jpg?w=636&h=408 ...

Mauritius 1141 used (A)

... Air Mauritius 4v”.


The National Archives of Mauritius is a public body operating under of the aegis of the Ministry of Arts and Culture. Although it has its origins from the ...

1978 12 March - New definitive stamp issue 1

Bloc timbre France, planche autocollante Coupe du Monde 98 - FOOTIX | eBay

Jahrestage und Ereignisse - 4 Briefmarken postfrisch, Mauritius


The Old Mogadishu Cathedral. Mogadishu will regain its old glory of cosmopolitanism and tolerance soon

Xamar Weyne Alley - one of the oldest quarters in Mogadishu, Somalia

A unique Rs. 27 stamp, featuring the first Governor of the Bank of Mauritius , Mr Aunauth Beejadhur, was issued. The cover shows also the BoM building, ...


http://golowesstamps.com/reference/formatprinters/Mauritius /mauritius_1970_united_na

Maurice Ile Durable (MID, Mauritius a Sustainable Island)

1988 12 March - 30th anniversary independance

Special Souvenir Cover released by the Mauritius Post featuring both stamps.

Unofficial FDC registered at Waterfront Post Office. Rs18 63rd FIFA Congress stamp released on the same day.

Unofficial FDC from France to Mauritius (La Poste do not issue official FDCs). Thank you very much Roland, and Eric without whom this would not have been ...

On 17 June 2015, the MBC switched all of its channels from analogue mode ("mode analogique" in French) to digital mode ("mode numérique" in French).

SRSG Santos Pais calls for the setting-up of national independent Ombuds or Commissioners for children's rights to advance implementation of the 2030 Agenda

SRSG-VAC Santos Pais welcomes Government of Uganda launch of comprehensive national survey on violence against children


The stamps convey the following messages:


UN experts call for better data collection and research on violence against children

SRSG Santos Pais calls for urgent action to end all forms of sexual violence against children, within and across borders

SRSG welcomes new report and enhanced advocacy efforts in Africa to bring an end to violence against children in care settings

Children and Armed Conflicts | Children's Rights | International Politics


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May Conference

SRSG-VAC office joins high level panel on implementation of national policies to end violence against children

SRSG welcomes Council of Europe's new guidelines on the rights of the child in the digital environment

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has unveiled street art outside its North Street offices to mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal ...

Page 1. 50th Anniversary Edition