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Sofia Clausse zinespiration t Zine and Layout

Sofia Clausse zinespiration t Zine and Layout



Brass Lip (feminist zine)

Barely Illegal zine pack- I like the idea of having added extras. Maybe little cards, prints, stickers, shrink plastic jewellery.

Zine Inspiration – Chicago typography zine by Sofia Clausse

Design / Lolita Wiseman

The usage of string creates a visual impact along with selling multiple zines in a bundle.

Harry Diaz: Natural zine Art Zine, Book Design, Design Art, Graphic Design

Call for entry

Sofia Clausse

Copy Me



1980s US punk zines

Onmoku Zine Cover Mental Issues, Zine, Poster, Posters

This zine interests me due to the slick cover filled with the word zine. What

Sad Girls Club is a zine for art, ideas and feelings. In this issue you will find great stories, poetry, art, etc. A fun thing for your

music zine - Google Search

zine - Google Search Art Zine, Book Cover Design, Paint Brushes, Butterflies,

Cover and paper selection


A very nice little zine by New York based illustrator and graphic designer, Tim Lahan

300-8 Art Zine, Riot Grrrl, Feminist Art, Art Inspo, Sherwood

Sofia Clausse turns her travels into a beautifully-designed zine

Fuck You/I Love You: Illustrated Zine Research + Thumbnails

Nobrow – Jeff Job Hunter - Jack Teagle Zine, Mood Boards, Comic Books,

The Bad Day Book: A pocket self-help zine

I think hand illustrated deigns work well with the scale of zines, too much on


TTD #4

Zine: A fun perzine with a recipe, art, story and chicken trivia.

BLAH BLAH BLAH title page ... I think I actually read this book more

music zine - Google Search

Magazine Wall

A biannual self-published zine has just released its latest issue, Tbilisi, at The Reading Room of Do You Read Me, the well-known bookshop and art space ...


racetracks snakes and ladders - Sofia Clausse Ladders, Graphic Design, Digital, Illustration Art

VENT political protest zine design inspiration Zine, Book Design, Aesthetics


Cute Club Zine Kewpie Preorder Bundle Volume One by OhDeerShoppe. The very first edition of

David Carson (designer), Beach Culture vol1 #4 magazine cover, 1990

Future Design Zine

A peek at the layout for the new 'zine (featuring art by @Sarah

Invented in NJ: 14 Edison Patent Award Winners and Others Honored by R&D Council of NJ - New Jersey Business Magazine

Twin Peaks Zine Colouring Book by estellemorrisshop on Etsy https://www.etsy

Paper Magazine Gender, Paper, Magazine, Magazines, Journal, Warehouse, Music Genre

Certitude: la vérité intime

Sarah Ra Ra: Floral Cypher

Layouts for mock up zine

Jan en Randoald are updating.


The entire print run of classic punk Slash magazine is now online | Dangerous Minds Psychobilly

Artists Books

H△BERD△SHER▽ Poster Design, Typography Design Layout, Page Layout Design

Art + Poison

MagSpreads - Editorial Design and Magazine Layout Inspiration: Geiger Magazine - Student Showcase

Light by MG & NSEW collaboration #graphicdesign

Obsessive Collectors | Copy magazine

J E U D E M A I N S _ J E U D E V I L A I N S on Behance Page Layout Design, Book Layout, Editorial Layout, Editorial

Morning Meditation...16x20 matted fine art giclee print / photo collage Morning Meditation

MICHAEL SHRIEVE'S SPELLBINDER Album Cover design by Creative Spirit ®. A retro 60s look provides a colorful modernist interpretation. #modern #vintage #art

ECPRSN Graphic Design Inspiration, Colour Images, Book Design, Editorial Design, Print Design

F.R. David Magazine

kiko farkas - typo/graphic posters Graphic Design Branding, Graphic Design Posters, Graphic

antismoking social advertisement Anti Smoking, Best Ads, Guerilla Marketing, Tv Ads, Ad

cut-up letters mark a "deconstructivist" style already beyond the classic swiss typography of the 1950s. it is related to gerstner's art, e.g. his modular ...

Experimental Book Design – A Journal of the Awakening Reflections

The Paper of Wabash County, Nov. 6, 2018 issue by The Paper of Wabash County - issuu


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9 Most Authentic Souvenirs to Get in Mazatlan

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The Malecon: Mazatlan's Boardwalk is Over 190 Years Old — Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique

Metropolitan Solutions Magazine Facing Global Challenges

Brass pendants. Wire dome pendants. Rejuvenation pendants. Haleigh pendants. Brass Haleigh pendants. Kitchen lighting. Lights for kitchen island.

carnival mazatlan calendar 2017

Erin Knutson

Installation view

x Clean Lines, Zine

ryan seacrest

awesome Dairy Farmers of Quebec: Everything's better with milk, 1

The Paper of Wabash County April 11 issue by The Paper of Wabash County - issuu

Page 1

Al Franken and Kevin Nealon

Interior designer Cecilie Claussen. The front of the hoods are pistachio green (or Aerugo Green, as the Superfront calls it). The front underneath is made ...

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jeff fager 60 minutes cbs news

Modern Copper T Knob. Contemporary Drawer Pull, Handle, Knob. Cabinet knob,