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Perennial Tree Collardsa good choice for yearround harvests from

Perennial Tree Collardsa good choice for yearround harvests from


Perennial Tree Collards--a good choice for year-round harvests from the same plant. You can even take cuttings and grow new plants from that.

How To Grow Tree Collards

3 Cuttings of Perennial Purple Tree Collard

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Tree Collard

3 Cuttings of Perennial Purple Tree Collard

Tree Collard cuttings can take up two months to establish roots, one can tell they are adapting well to the new environment when they leaf out.

Purple Tree Collard Plants (3)

Purple Tree Collard ...

Project Tree Collard – Inspiring People to Grow and Share this Amazing Plant

Tree Collard Cuttings (4 perennial purple tree collards cuttings)

Perennial Plants: Grow All Year Round with Perrenial Plants, Vegetables, Berries, Herbs, Fruits, Harvest Forever, Gardening, Mini Farm, Permaculture, ...

If you enjoy harvesting fresh vegetables from your summer garden, here's some good news: You can keep the bounty going all year long!

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How to Grow Tree Collards as Annuals in Cool Climates (How to Propagate Tree Collards)

How to Propagate Tree Collards & Grow Them in Colder Climates

Asparagus tips in garden

Growing Collard Greens

Planting Tree Collards

3 Rooted Purple Tree Collards Plants (perennial purple tree kale)

Kale & Collards: Cutting Back Hard for New Harvest/Crop

Tree Collard Stem Cuttings - Organic

Collard Greens

Chive flowers

“Merritt” Perennial Tree Collard ...

“Merritt” Perennial Tree Collard ...

It's time to get some Ampersand plants to keep you happy and fed indoors this winter

Amazon.com: Tree Collard Cuttings (4 perennial purple tree collards cuttings): Garden & Outdoor

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'Misty' blueberry Ran on: 05-08-2011 'Misty' is. '

Slow Flowers 52517

$5 Perennial Purple Tree Collards for California Bay Area Vegetable Gardeners


Harvesting Collard Greens

“Merritt” Perennial Tree Collard ...



Notice how it's stunted due to the cutting being taken from a woody branch.

Give them a good feeding of Calcium every month or two. Posted by Tree Collards ...

Two Fresh Perennial Purple Tree Collard Cuttings GREAT LOW PRICE!

“Merritt” Perennial Tree Collard ...

pineapple sage

Perennial Purple Tree Collard

How to Prune Purple Tree Collards

Good eating, year-round: Discover the advantages of perennial vegetables

Harvest year round with cold tolerant crops like carrots, spinach, and kale.

Collard Greens growing

Several Unique Types Of Perennial Kale & Collard Plants Plus Winners Of The Dino Tree Kale Seeds

Amazing Salad Tree that Grows Delicious Greens You can Eat All Year Long

In contrast, collard green leaves have a smoother, wider leaf shape. Color on collards varies from quite blueish to a more bright green.

Photo Credit: mlinksva via Compfight

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Collards are greens, greens are collards. (But there are other kinds of greens, too.) They are fundamental to Southern food, because they are nutritious and ...


... Blackberries (bare-root, perennial)* ...

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The Gardener's Calendar: Plan Now for a Year-round Harvest

Erba Stella minutina is a perennial green with a great flavor.

Artichoke Cynara scolymus

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tree collards and tomatoes

Drought Tolerant


Brassica oleracea Italica group

Plant of the Month: Collard Greens

How To Grow Kale or Collards In The Pacific Northwest | Northwest Edible Life

Carole Wellwood's kale named after botanist Carole Wellwood and thought to have originated from Ken Fern's garden.

Close-up of new branches forming on Woody trunk

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(1 of ) Ann Chambers harvests Blue Lake pole beans in her garden, near Sebastopol, on Tuesday, September 4, 2012. Chambers is a fan of growing perennial ...

Guide to Year-Round Microgreens Production

Organic Perennial Purple Tree Collard Cuttings -3 each

Harvest these very hot peppers for summer heat in winter! 4 inch diameter pots-

How To Grow Kale or Collards In The Pacific Northwest | Northwest Edible Life

Perennial Nine Star Broccoli

They help you plan for all year round produce, with many perennials coming in the 'hungry gap' from winter through to spring, complementing your growing ...


Gardening: What are the advantages of planting perennials? - The Morning Call

How To Grow Kale or Collards In The Pacific Northwest | Northwest Edible Life

Growing a salad in pots

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The gift that keeps on giving. Thank you @pearsonsgardensandherbfarm . . . #treecollards

Although cultivated widely in the states it seems to be an elusive plant in the UK. Mandy is taking cuttings with the aim of making a botanically safe ...

DSC_1344 (Seed and shaded veg); Plant Successively. Sow rounds of ...

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... good root in your garden it requires next to no maintenance and will grow to be a shrub around half a metre high. Just let it be and cut what you need.

Our favorite and best-selling perennial food crop for the Bay Area – tree collards Brassica oleracea.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Perennial Tree Collards. Yummy greens year round! These are really growing tall like trees in my greywater greenhouse