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On the accent Tumblr t

On the accent Tumblr t


Horse accent

I will honestly do this to my future children

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When this person from Yorkshire didn't want anyone mocking their accent.

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When they realised they don't want all British people to live with them. | 29 Times Tumblr Summed Up What Britain Is Actually Like

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The further intricacies of Australian dialect. | 22 Important Lessons From Tumblr About Australia

Tips for Your Blog Appearance Header Image: Not liking the default header image that Tumblr

Superman speaks Kryptonian with a strong Midwestern accent. The voice recognition tech in his rocket doesn't understand him.

Tumblr on Twitter: "🚨@dreamdaddygame's @graylish & @VernonShaw talk about their inspiration for each of the Dads and more: https://t.co/Nk2kqaB7IE… ...

2:24 PM - 19 Sep 2018

Magical accents

Their lembas bread is bagels ...

So apparently Josh Keaton was just thrown into the Sven character last minute and he made his Swedish accent on the fly

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Tumblr Accent Challenge- Midwestern Accent

Loki and Thor with Minnesota accents

LifeTracking's Accent Challenge introduction.

23 Tumblr Text Posts About History That Are Just Funny

American: Justin Biebur. Ausfralian: Jastin Beybah. You just tried out all of the accents, didn't you? so-relatable.tumblr.cor


Essays by maya angelou essay about a hiv aids in tumblr oo4qzgmeci1qdo62to2

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"Fuck you my Yorkshire accent shines like the light of a thousand suns, I hope you get sat on by a cow."

Tumblr Posts - Episode 13

There's No Way You Won't Laugh At One Of These 100 Tumblr Posts

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Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark 4 Lovely Homes With Strong Grey Accents Aesthetic


british accent on Tumblr

Thethugyone's Accent Challenge introduction.


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DUTCH ACCENTS AREN't SEXY - dutchproblems.tumblr.com


"Of course if SOPA doesn't kill Tumblr, then Tumblr might. :-)"

Artwork by Shane Song Keyu: shanesongkeyu.tumblr.com. Note: accompanying download doesn't include Elsa track. Includes unlimited streaming of Accent ...

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I swear everyone in Tumblr is taking drugs

Forgiving the blatant error about Brave being set in Ireland (seriously, how do you make that mistake when all the characters had such thick accents?), ...

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I can't stop thinking this in a Russian accent - - - #tumblr

#England #America #accents #Tumblr #bestoftumblr #mindblown #britishaccents #Britain

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Customizing your Tumblr blog

Tumblr Accent Challenge!

tumblr stuff. . rebate: the united states has a ting series about a talking

Funny tumblr post

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English Language

Got into an “argument” (is it an argument if they're wrong?) on twitter with someone who claimed that Khan's recast/whitewashing wasn't an issue.

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Legally blonde is my second favourite movie (read it in the Elle wood's accent)

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On American accents: dontworry-imaustralian.tumblr.com


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Third culture child Quotes, Funny Third culture child Quotes, Facebook Quotes, Tumblr Quotes - LolSoTrue.com

I Was The Kind Nobody Thought Could Make It Had A Funny on Vowels Tumblr Humor

When they found out the U.K. and the U.S. are two countries separated by a common language.

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... Best Of You Can Do It Quotes Tumblr American Accent T Rules Youtube ...

Tumblr Who #37

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