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North Korea Turns Coal Into Gas to Weather Sanctions The Wall

North Korea Turns Coal Into Gas to Weather Sanctions The Wall


North Korea is using its abundant coal supply, shown here at the port of Rason last year, to produce synthetic gas and chemical products. ed jones/Agence ...

North Korean imports of refined oil, fertilizers and organic chemicals—many of which can be made through coal gasification—were declining even before the ...

Exports to North Korea

Exports to North Korea

North Korea's coal exports fell after a U.N. ban in 2017, leaving more for domestic use.

North Korea Turns Coal Into Gas to Weather Sanctions

Satellite images show part of the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, north of Pyongyang, in

Workers at the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, in Anju, North Korea, in 2016

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in white, visited a factory serving his country's

Prices of some goods spiked last winter in North Korea because of sanctions but have since stabilized.

North Korean coal piles up as sanctions take their toll and exports to China grind to a halt

How North Korea Uses Ships to Trick and Trade

China insists coal imports do not breach North Korea nuclear sanctions

UN votes to tighten sanctions against N. Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, second from right, inspects an intercontinental ballistic missile

A protester holds a banner to oppose U.S. policies against North Korea near the U.S. Embassy in Seoul Thursday. President Donald Trump's administration ...

China tightens crude oil supplies to North Korea in new sanctions

Key points of latest UN sanctions against North Korea

Energy Journal: North Korea Defies Sanctions and Turns Coal Into Energy - MoneyBeat - WSJ

Chinese trade with North Korea drops by over 50 per cent despite thaw in relations

The Washington Post

China's coal imports from Russia, Mongolia surge after North Korea ban

China steel mills caught by surprise by ban on North Korean coal

China bans North Korean textile imports, to squeeze oil supply in line with UN sanctions on reclusive state

Will latest UN sanctions have any effect on North Korea after 11 years of trying?

China and South Korea insist they will enforce UN sanctions on North after coal shipments claim

North Korean soldiers march during a parade in Pyongyang, Sept. 9.

China extends ban on imports from North Korea in line with United Nations resolution

Korean Peninsula set to become more volatile after China stops buying coal from North


North Korea attempts sales of 'WMDs' in Australia

US unveils largest sanctions yet on ships, companies trading with North Korea - ABC News

North Korea missile tests. A petrol station worker walks past a fuel truck in Pyongyang

UN Security Council unanimously votes to cut fuel supplies to North Korea amid rising nuclear threat

Average gasoline and diesel prices on markets in three North Korean cities, January–August 2018. Data source: Daily NK price index.

Smuggling operations at sea targeted in latest UN sanctions against North Korea

All you need to know about China's sanctions on North Korea

FILE PHOTO: A North Korean flag flies on a mast at the Permanent Mission of North Korea in Geneva October 2, 2014. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse/Files

Are North Koreans Veering Off the Diplomatic Track?

“We tried our best to live in our country,” Grace Jo says. “We tried so many different ways, and we tried our best to survive.

Image. North Korean soldiers at ...

North Korean Soldier Dashed Over To South As Bullets Rained, Shot At 6 Times

North Korea vows to accelerate weapons programme after 'evil' sanctions imposed by United Nations

Oil supplies to North Korea could be cut as China's frustration with ally's failure to communicate grows

Special Report: North Korea's Shackled Economy (2018)

UN Security Council condemns North Korea's latest missile provocation without imposing new sanctions

KPW-RMB average exchange rate for markets in three North Korean cities, January 2017–December 2018. Data source: Daily NK.

China's energy exports to North Korea plummet – but it's not because of sanctions

Tim Franco for The Wall Street Journal

All North Korean firms and joint ventures in China to be closed

A military officer at the D.M.Z. This summer, the prospect of a nuclear confrontation between the United States and North Korea, the most hermetic power on ...

North Korea urges US to lift sanctions President Trump Kim Jong-un Pyongyang Washington | World | News | Express.co.uk

Kim Jong-nam wearing a leather jacket and baseball cap


KPW-USD average exchange rate for markets in three North Korean cities, January 2017–December 2018. Data source: Daily NK.

Alun John

China in heated debate turning highly polluting coal into gas as fears of environmental disaster lurk

US calls special meeting at UN, claiming other countries have undermined sanctions against North Korea

A propaganda poster is displayed during a rally in support of North Korea's stance against the

List of Chinese financial firms facing possible sanctions over North Korea's nuclear programme demanded by US congressional panel

Smugglers who worked North Korea-China border seeing tough times under Kim, sanctions | The Japan Times

China's dilemma: how much pressure can it exert on its historical ally, North Korea?



Trump's 'largest ever' North Korean sanctions to hit almost 60 ships and businesses – many Chinese

A ...

'North Korea has become an increasing threat to China'

US proposes to cut off oil supplies to North Korea at UN Security Council

Graph 3: Yearly average market prices for rice and US-dollar (in North Korean won), and FAO food production figures. Data source: DailyNK market prices.

Trump threatens to get 'very rough' against North Korea if 'heaviest sanctions ever imposed' don't succeed

Image. North Koreans displaying the national ...

... North Korean soldiers work on a fence along the banks of North Korea across from the ...

If North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (left) can reform his country'

How North Korea evades UN sanctions

China bans exports of more dual-use goods to North Korea

Otto Warmbier North Korea

US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at their summit in Florida last week. Trump says the two have good chemistry. Photo AFP

... A sign in Chinese and Korean warns against harboring or feeding North Koreans who cross into

A photo released by North Korea's state news agency in July purported to show a test of a Hwasong-14, thought to be capable of reaching the mainland United ...

What do we really know about North Korea? Here are 10 fascinating facts

A North Korean vessel bearing a Chinese registration number exchanges cargo with a Panamanian-flagged

US calls UN meeting on undermining North Korea sanctions

Rumours of a Chinese oil embargo have seen gas prices in Pyongyang rise by more than 80 per cent in recent days, but it would take an international ban on ...

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meets with China's Xi Jinping in Beijing. KCNA via Reuters

North Koreans gather in Pyongyang on Saturday to condemn America (the sign on the left

Won for US-dollars at market rates, 2017–September 2018. Data source: Daily NK. Graph: NK Econ Watch.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un giving his New Year address on Jan. 1.

Graph 2: Prices for rice and foreign currency, April 2015–July 2016, in North Korean won. Prices are expressed in averages of local prices in Pyongyang, ...

Graph 1: Prices for rice and foreign currency, in North Korean won. Prices are expressed in averages of local prices in Pyongyang, Sinuiju and Hyesan.

China 'might agree' to UN oil embargo of North Korea

While the world is inundated with summit news, North Koreans are told almost nothing