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New changes to My Health Record privacy regime Australia

New changes to My Health Record privacy regime Australia


Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt says the government's My Health Record privacy bill will protect Australians

Digital Rights Watch is warning Australians about potential privacy breaches with the government's new digital My Health Record system. The scheme will see ...

The online medical records of Australians have been breached only weeks after the My Health website

An important overview of the pros, cons and questions about My Health Record

Under current legislation, the information in My Health Record could be disclosed for a number of reasons. (Pic: Supplied)

Domestic violence groups pleaded with the government to suspend the My Health system until privacy issues

Opt-out e-health records may violate privacy: MPs

The Consumers Health Forum has strongly supported MHR and the change to an opt-out approach because we believe that, for the majority of Australians, the ...


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Bill Bowtell, Sir Elton John, Jillian Skinner MP and Anthony Albanese MP on World Aids Day in 2011. (Pic: Adam Ward)

Charity the Migrants' Rights Network (MRN) argues the policy is unethical and unlawful

Strong data management is integral to the operation of businesses and government agencies worldwide. Digital platforms and technologies that utilise user ...

Health Minister Greg Hunt (pictured) in November announced maximum five-year jail terms

Electronic health record

This blog takes an interest in issues associated with Freedom of Information (FOI) and privacy legislation in Australia. Information contained on this site ...

This article explains what a Notifiable Data Breach is and when to notify the Australian Information Commissioner and individuals ...

In pictures: Turning insight into action - and your competitive edge - .

Facebook is moving 1.5 billion members in Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America out

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Any data that can be used usefully can also be used illegitimately.

News article image. The new ...

New data access bill shows we need to get serious about privacy with independent oversight of the law


Australia's privacy laws gutted in court ruling on what is 'personal information'

If the pendulum doesn't swing back to sensible centre, then there's a massive risk of the party splitting. I don't think anyone was saying that five years ...

Map of Europe with EU flag pinned in the centre

Data Protection

Yet, whatever the motivation, as this report demonstrates, the costs of these policies are significant, not just for the global economy, but for the nations ...

Let's face it, we'll be no safer with a national facial recognition database

Cover page of the first version of the secret UKUSA Agreement, which was disclosed to the public in 2011, and was the basis for the modern Five Eyes ...

New counter-terrorism measures

NACCHO Aboriginal Health and @PSA_National #Pharmacy News : New @jcu research shows the potentially life-saving #Closingthegap benefits of integrating ...

Australia's war on encryption: the sweeping new powers rushed into law | Technology | The Guardian

Data retention laws: Should we worry?

Everything you need to know about the new general data protection regulations | ZDNet

The Australian Digital Health Agency has revealed in its annual report 42 suspected cases of unauthorised

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My Health online records illegally accessed, Australian Digital Health Agency reveals in report | Daily Mail Online

My Health Record hacking and data access: Kerryn Phelps | The Courier-Mail

Data, the GDPR and Australia's new consumer right

Responding to requests for access to medical records | Australian Medical Association

Australia's immigration rate to fall again as work visa approvals drop | Australia news | The Guardian

We need to build a new social contract for the digital age

“Background : On 31 May 2017 the Australian Government joined with the Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges, the Australian Indigenous Doctor's ...

The electronic health record (EHR) of a patient can be viewed as a repository of information regarding his or her health status in a computer-readable form.

Close the Gap for Vision Conference Follow #CTGV2020

Australians will own their banking and internet data under new legislation | ZDNet


“It depends” is the hedge-phrase that characterizes how Americans see disclosing personal information versus keeping private information private, ...

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Humans rather than climate the primary cause of Pleistocene megafaunal extinction in Australia | Nature Communications


Using My Health Record data for research could save lives, but we must ensure it's ethical

Private sector may be able to access My Health Record data for research - Computerworld

Privacy and Cybersecurity Law Deskbook, 2019 Edition ...

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The layers of the Healthy Eating Pyramid

Telstra Health will hold Australians' cancer details, so we need to ensure their privacy is protected. The Australian government's proposed ...

The devil is in the detail of government bill to enable access to communications data

After acting in the positions since March, Angelene (apology for earlier typo) Falk was appointed Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy ...

NACCHO Aboriginal Health Pharmacy NEWS Download : With recent reforms ACCHO Pharmacists are playing a key role in closing the gap. '

An example of a fast food outlet's menu under the kilojoule labelling scheme .

Australia records biggest emissions drop in a decade as carbon tax kicks in | Environment | The Guardian

Biometric technology

The Economist asks: What's behind the new anti-Semitism?

Achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health equality within a generation - A human rights based

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PIPEDA investigation process - Part 2

Digital health and social care map

From your homepage, select Advise a change of care in the Quick links section.

It remains to be seen how cooperative tech giant will be. In the past,

Source: Courtesy of Northern Ireland region infection prevention manual, Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety.

Figure 1 – Different forms of consent balance clinical access and patient privacy in different proportions (from Coiera and Clarke, 2004)

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Challenges to traditional regulations

Making Health Services Work: In this quadrant, we are blessed with relatively stable conditions, and even though our capacity or will for change is modest, ...

The diagram below sets out a summary of how businesses may assess and handle 'eligible data breaches' under the new laws.

Figure 3 – The different possible functions of consent balance clinical access or patient privacy in different proportions. The diagram is illustrative of ...

Climate change adaptation

In the largest technology companies, the share of income going to labour is only about 5 to 15%. Shutterstock

Signed Joint Position Paper NACCHO PGOA CTG PBS Co-Payment Measure 28 October 2015

Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

New Australian cryptocurrency regulations: Industry responds

Factor loadings of each item from Partners in Health Scale for three factor solution using patient

Read the 2018 organ donation and transplantation outcomes

Widespread surveillance, if imposed, paints us all as potential criminals.

Good teeth often correlates with good health. But one in five over-65s have lost all their teeth. m01229/Flickr, CC BY

Eye testing in remote areas of Australia with the images stored and set via satellite to city-based specialists. CSIRO

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