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NPA SatelliteMapping CGGNPA Twitter Earth t Nasa


NPA SatelliteMapping · @CGGNPA

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... and infrastructure projects across the UK, please don't hesitate to have a chat with him about #InSAR and #MotionMappic.twitter.com/vfyqD1cix5

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Santa's sleigh flying across a satellite image of the North Pole

... image every 2-3 days Since the 60's the lake has lost 90% of its surface, according to the Lake Chad Basin Commissionpic.twitter .com/C3xw4vnK3K

There's still time to come and chat if you haven't managed to catch us yet - look out for Adam, Finlay and Marcus todaypic.twitter.com/k56QFri3kI

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Registration is now open via this link: http://bit.ly/2CkVw0e #remotesensing #satellite #geology #geophysics #geoscience #geotechnicalpic. twitter.com/ ...

Satellite image of CGG vessel collecting seismic data at sea

#earthobservation #RemoteSensing https://bit.ly/2SpgfGE pic.twitter .com/QlyhnpJJmr

#Krakatau #Krakatoa shows that a significant chunk of the volcano has collapsed (time lapse below)pic.twitter.com/IXDJQrLc9o

NPA SatelliteMapping (@CGGNPA)

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See you there! Feel free to also visit us at the @e_geos @GAF_Munich booth. @EU_H2020 #H2020 #InvestEUresearch #CopernicusEU pic.twitter.com/jRv6WoJ8PR

NPA SatelliteMapping added,. NASAVerified account @NASA

Abstracts http://www.inqua2019.org/call-for-abstracts/ … deadline 09/01/19pic.twitter.com/TMUXgYgVzI

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Don't miss out on the bursary application deadline, or submitting an abstract to our session "the sedimentary record of Tsunami and storms" !

Loveland Pass - the continental divide of North America. Love the Rockies.pic.twitter.com/qrjcGn0BaL – at Loveland Pass

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@Charliebishop84 knows how to select #therightimageryforthejob which benefits Rowan Edwards when interpreting geology #npaseminar2017pic.twitter.com/ ...

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... part makes me always a bit sad... it's time to add new spacecrafts to that display!! #VenusProgram @unveilvenus @envisionvenuspic.twitter .com/yvdqaK7LH2

Comparison with USGS map of same date. Credits to @USGSVolcanoes and @snapplanetio #hawaiivolcano #lava #EarthObservationpic.twitter .com/wAZDdVQsdB

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At the 1min mark. https://www.today.com/video/first-serious-injury-from-hawaii-volcano-as-lava-blocks-escape-routes-1238314051690 …pic.twitter.com/ ...

#copernicuseu pic.twitter.com/s7bhEofi9D

The houses on the left are south, the camper to the west, the trail to the north and the other aurora "flame" in the east.pic.twitter.com/Whah9t5Fsf

Eduardo Alarcón

... and what it might tell us about early Earth! There will be sweets!* @AGUPlanetary @SEDI_AGU #AGU18 *no sweetspic.twitter.com/Z1OLR1eKFW

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In a dense swampland in Georgia, just north of the Florida border, you find

Geomorphology and Active tectonics Research Lab

@UN_SPIDER #osgeopic.twitter.com/dvpsDm1NP6

The city of #ParadiseCa was all but decimated. #Landsat 8 captured this image of the ongoing devastation.pic.twitter.com/3ZHtqyVGrI

... made by #Terrasigna for Common #Agriculture Policy (#CAP) #monitoring using #CopernicusEU (#sentinel2) data. #H2020pic.twitter.com/7ofCjf3w05

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Jonathan Amos @BBCAmos

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... several communities in #California. https://go.nasa.gov/2DtDpZ3 #CampFire #HillFire #WoolseyFire #Landsat #MODIS #NASApic.twitter .com/8WmdfyEeY3

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create4D @create4D_AI_AR

Simon Carn @simoncarn

but the outcome is the same (image from the @NASA #Magellan mission/@NASAJPL)pic.twitter.com/QbmthdCvzn


Full details: https://www.up.edu.ph/index.php/call-for-applications-philippine-fulbright-graduate-student-program/ …pic.twitter.com/YErajcd33r

Since only classes are suspended, the registration will still push through tomorrow, January 9. Please be guided accordingly.pic.twitter.com/B6taqwGeWZ

... @multiply2020, @EO4AGRI on evolution of @CopernicusLand services. #H2020 #CopernicusEU #CLMS #landmonitoringpic.twitter.com/ae2AGnnLLa

... deformation patterns from the Sept (ML 5.7) and Nov (ML 5.4) earthquakes revealed by #InSAR data. More http://bit.ly/2KqQ53c pic.twitter .com/BWtrzqeW5o

Read more on @alaska_avo website: https://www.avo.alaska.edu/news.php?id=1361 …pic.twitter.com/QLSpSwo7iS

... deformation patterns from the Sept (ML 5.7) and Nov (ML 5.4) earthquakes revealed by #InSAR data. More http://bit.ly/2KqQ53c pic.twitter .com/BWtrzqeW5o

Adam Thomas

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GEOetc @GEOetc2

More info http://bit.ly/2NJEqwH #80DaysEarth #geodesypic.twitter .com/aMRISSW1sO

Fang Yi Tan

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The Cebreros ground station near Madrid, one of the European Space Agency's three 35-meter deep space antennas.pic.twitter.com/VoniGiIuWG

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よんますゲートウェイ @yonmas

@tag_smyth @Mars_Radar @SETIInstitute @caltech @UlsterUniGESpic.twitter .com/cykWVKQVfb

Dr. Mel Rodgers

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NPA Satellite Mapping have completed a pre-failure analysis of the Fagraskogarfjall landslide in Iceland

Our @CopernicusEMS #RapidMappingTeam has been triggered by @DPCgov to provide damage assessment mapspic.twitter.com/dB43YT6GAR

... Disasters Game to mark #TsunamiDay2018 and to support #ResilienceForAll It includes #tsunami module http://bit.ly/2AQjQaL pic.twitter.com/HqVijcc8c9

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U4D8EJM On occasion of this week's SAR education workshop in Denver (http://bit.ly/2AnjoAo )pic.twitter.com/ ...

... http://bit.ly/learnSAR Syllabus: https://radar.community.uaf.edu/syllabus/ Questions? Contact me! @InSARinfo @NASAARSETpic.twitter.com/3apu9Xm6b9

These clouds look like breaking waves in the ocean, because it is the same physical process. @StormHour Photo: @NWSAWSpic.twitter.com/pd2gyMqo2x

... global ministers to Canberra & discussing the benefits of #EarthObservations to economies. See http://bit.ly/2RDj5ax pic.twitter .com/FJFoiBy9DI

... were observed inside the plume after sunset. Wondering how high it is, any guess? #anakkrakatau #volcano @id_magma @Sutopo_PNpic.twitter .com/6rsriskgwL

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Matt Garthwaite

#INQUA Executive Committee and Indian Quaternary groups are participating in an interaction meeting at the

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Thomas Jones

All set up and ready to go at @MAGMA_lab. We are looking at the dynamics of #dyke propagation using #gelatine and laser imaging!pic.twitter .com/ZYid6Zjy0y

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... (http://globalcryospherewatch.org ) "Cryosphere Now" and http://earth.nullschool.net and data from #PolarSpaceTaskGrouppic.twitter.com/r8mm8nQfiT

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#Mayotte earthquake swarm, #InSAR, displacement crude composite. http://pic. twitter.com/EoqAfrb7Ar

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Jorn @Planetguy_Bln


Europarl UK, EC in UK, ESA EarthObservation and 7 others

NPA SatelliteMapping · @CGGNPA

Worldwide distribution of deep oil and gas basins defined as occurring in reservoirs at burial depths

Satellite image of Issyk-Kul Region, Kyrgyzstan

@Sutopo_PN @vulkanologi_mbg Copyright 2019 Planet Labs Incpic.twitter .com/xHnRnpppcC

Oils of different biodegradation levels (G1, G2, and G3) showing systematic relative