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Judith Gardner Cloud Shadow Low Tide Clouds in Art t

Judith Gardner Cloud Shadow Low Tide Clouds in Art t


Judith Gardner - Cloud Shadow Low Tide Abstract Landscape, Landscape Paintings, Abstract Paintings,

Paddling low tide, evening - Judith Gardner Nocturne, Vincent Van Gogh, Paddle,

JUDITH GARDNER studied at Maidstone College of Art in Kent where she gained a BA Honours degree in Fine Art.

Judith Gardner - Setting Sun

Winter landscape, melting snow by Judith Gardner

Garden melting snow - judith gardner

Judith Gardner

Setting sun, autumn light, Judith Gardner She's been looked at Innes, I say

Judith Gardner - Winter light setting sun

judith gardner

Neighbours garden, early evening Judith Gardner

Judith Gardner - Landscape rainclouds

Fields in Snow by Judith Gardner

Winter Snow, Sun Setting, Judith Gardner artist, at the Red Rag British Art Gallery

Another Big Sky - Coral Clouds by artist Mary Maxam, on DailyPainters.com

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Garden - March Snowfall. Artist: Judith Gardner NEAC RBA

Garden Corner Soft Light. Artist: Judith Gardner NEAC RBA

Crepuscular rays are parallel!

Barbara Takenaga, Cloud River, 2018, acrylic on linen, 45 x 54 inches

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Alan Prazniak @ 106 Green

Here's a picture I found on Flickr showing what we see from the ground, though (it's not of the same clouds, but just a typical display of crepuscular rays) ...

Barbara Takanaga, Shadow Love, 2018, acrylic on linen, 54 x 45 inches

... Nugent Welch 'The Coming Storm' Circa 1930, oil on canvas, 1930/

The Swimmer. Artist:

Bad Reader Eric sent me a note about an email going around about a very pretty atmospheric phenomenon called, in the email, a "fire rainbow".

But I have never seen anything like this: the shadow of Washington state's Mt. Rainier cast along the clouds at sunrise:

But today he posted the best shot I've seen from him: this jaw-dropping composite photo of a cumulonimbus cloud spawning lightning below and with star ...

A sun pillar gooses the sky

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Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition 2018 by Mall Galleries - issuu

d'Orsay in Paris, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The Zorn Collections in Mora (Dalarna County, Sweden), a hometown museum dedicated to Zorn ...

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Jenny Kane, “Look Up,” water-based media on paper. (Image courtesy of the artist) ...

The space is generous, and it's her first studio with north-facing windows. Moyer knows that artists and northern ...

The angle between the Sun, the cloud, and you is important as well, but the essential ingredients needed for this effect are icy clouds and sunlight.

Judy Glantzman, Hero II, 2013, mixed media, 37 1/2 x 33 3/4 inches

North Carolina Literary Review Online 2017 by East Carolina University - issuu

... Kenneth MacQueen 'McCauley's Farm' 1935, watercolour on paper, 1937/2/ Clouds ...

There were several V-formations of geese this size going by over the course of a minute or two, and during that time the pillar faded, as you can see in ...

Look! Up in the sky! It's…it's… it's an amazing optics display

Andy Bishop

Terry Dagradi

It's a lenticular (lens-shaped) orographic cloud; a cloud caused by moisture-laden air rising up and cooling as it passes over mountains.

Launching a Boat, Villeneuve, Lake Geneva. Artist:

Kaitlyn Casso

Alchemy of gray clouds

Shuttle image of Mt. Etna erupting

The Gardener. Artist:

Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition by Mall Galleries - issuu

Judith Hopf, Stepping Stairs installation view at KW Institute for Contemporary Art. (Photos: Frank Sperling)

Just a quick shout-out to the folks at Earth Science Picture of the Day, which featured my Angry Cloud pic in today's post.


Angel Otero, Sour TImes, 2017

Scenic Urban & Skylines; Scenic Sunrises & Sunsets Canvas Artwork

Katherine Bradford, Water Lady, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 80 x 68 inches

Juno on its way to Jupiter!

Poklong ...

Eric Aho shadows his father at the New Britain Museum

White Azaleas. Artist:

The Irishman. Artist:

The clouds aren't like clouds on Earth, or balloons filled with air; nebulae are immense objects with vast amounts of mass. Their own gravity holds them ...

Black Huts. Artist:

The Straits of Corfu. Artist:

Waiting for the Ferry. Artist:

Alchemy of mushroom cloud

Click it to embiggen. It's not hard to get nice shots of the Moon, even during the day, though to get one this nice it does take a bit of experience and ...

Play Park Study. Artist:

Royal Society of British Artists 2015 Annual Exhibition catalogue by Mall Galleries - issuu

Alfred Sisley's Boat During the Flood at Port-Marly, 1876

Iceland's disruptive volcano

Mike Cloud, Dorothy Costume Quilt Back (back), 2007, oil and clothes on linenith stretcher bars, 96 x 110 inches

"Myth is a cloud based upon a shadow based upon the movement of the breeze."

5, Cover of Une Ville pour l'Impressionisme, Monet, Pissarro et Gauguin à Rouen, exhibition catalogue. Musée des Beaux-Arts, Rouen (Paris: Skira/Flammarion, ...

Lemon, Lime and Knife. Artist:

Boats at Shoreham. Artist:


Late Afternoon Light: On the Water. Artist:

The Inauguration of President Barack Obama




Artist Joan Gladstone


dw-01.12.16. "

Arshile Gorky

Stephanie Arrell



Fresh Water Cove from Dolliver's Neck, Gloucester

Albert Bierstadt painted this picture, which is tucked away in the Addison Gallery of American Art in Andover, in 1869 - the same year that the ...

Low tide beach

Seascape (The Mediterranean with Mount Agde)