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zen-buggy-at-home-3 ...

Timber Frame Wagon Built by Phil Gould

Jay Nelson's Tiny House in Hawaii

Flow and his Zen Buggy ... repin & click to see the amazing custom

Flow's Zen Buggy | The Shelter Blog

Paul and Melissa's Homemade Vardo

Located in the forest on Hornby Island, this little house on wheels is inhabited by myself, two cats, and a chihuahua. After university, I realized that ...

Interior of Jack Williams' Home

Curved-Roof Shed

It seemed like a light roof was needed to compensate for the heaviness of the forest. Built the roof first; then the floor, and last the walls.

Jay Nelson's Latest Treehouse

Laughing House

Handmade Home in France

Funky ...

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Interior Photos of Greg Ryan's Gypsy Wagon - The Shelter Blog


Straw Bale and Timber Frame Home

John Driscoll's Federal House Truck

In 1971, I bought a 1949 Federal two-ton flatbed truck for $125.00. I replaced the worn-out engine and transmission, rebuilt the brakes, and was off and ...

Five of America's Coolest Tiny Homes

Repurposed Siding on a Tahoe Home

All the buildings were built in the late '60s and had been vacant for years (there were lots of mice), so we gutted the house. When we tore out the walls ...

Cob/Wood House in Wales Built by Tony Wrench and Crew

Abandoned House Near Sequim, Washington

Damien Helliwell's Timber Frame/Straw Bale Home on a Scottish Isle

This little cabin was built almost entirely from a cedar tree that had been lying nearby. Framing, flooring, shakes. Maybe that's what makes the building so ...


Joseph Crowell has been building buses and vans for many years, but was recently inspired to build his first gypsy wagon by Sunny Baba, an activist and ...

Lobelia: The $35,000 Strawbale Home in Missouri

The pole barn house makes a great small home, guest house, cabin or cottage. It's simple shape makes it easy to build! It's 1,085 square feet and features:

Doug and Stacy's cabin is simply beautiful with gorgeous wood and rustic features everywhere you look. Here, the couple live with no electricity and no ...

My small house is a labor of love. It belonged to my mother's parents who bought it in 1969, when I was 4 years old. My dad was renovating it when he ...

This Is What a $350,000 House in San Francisco Looks Like - The Shelter Blog

Floating Homes in Portland

Master Carpentry in Poland

Beautiful Small Home in French Pyrenees

Small Homes Book Sneak Preview #25, Solar-Powered Quonset Hut Home in Northern California

Sasha Rabin's Earthen Dome in the High Desert

house truck

I ...

Photo by Lloyd Kahn

... Jay Nelsons Tiny House in Hawaii ...

Victorian Home in Napa

Earthbag Home in Turkey

Our ...

Hobbit House in Colorado

Two Homes in Albany, Oregon

Hobbit House in Tree Stump

It's a 1959 French Army Truck — a Simica Unic Marmon Bocquet (or SUMB). The shack is built with wood from local sawmills, reclaimed bits, corrugated steel, ...

Uncle Mud's Tiny Cob House

On the other side of the property, in a gnarled, old-growth fir is an actual tree house. Not a treehouse, but a house in a tree. Two stories fully enclosed ...

I'm ...

SunRay Kelley is a master natural builder whose work has been featured in Builders of the Pacific Coast, Tiny Homes, and Tiny Homes on the Move.

Excerpt from our book: Small Homes: The Right Size (p.

In ...

Scott McClure's Cabin Interior

This ...

Looking for Contributors for Our New Book: Hit the Road, ...


Yogan's Tiny Ship-Shape House


Small Roundhouse Guest Cottage in West Wales, UK

Judith Mountain Cabin

the living living room

Jay Nelson's Latest Nomadic Home

... Jay Nelsons Tiny House in Hawaii

New Photos - D.H. Port, Inc. Sheep Wagons

rocket stove bench

Travis Skinners Home on Wheels

Tiny House Blog Magazine

191 Photos Of Tiny Homes

From August to October of 2015, I worked with a team of five people to build a 200 sq. ft. off-the-grid earth dome in the forest of Northwest Washington.

Elaine and Sandy Doss live on 150 acres in Northern California in this WWII Quonset hut, which was converted for living by architect Val Agnoli (one of the ...


This ...

Cob House in Northern Spain

Atulya Bingham moved to Turkey and lived in a tent while building this earthbag home for $6000. No cement was used and it's 100% solar powered. 330 sq. ft.

Tiny House in Davis

Dean Ellis' Metal Framed Home

The Spud Queen Built by Lloyd House

Featured in our newest book Small Homes: The Right Size

Driftwood Beach Shack


Les Tit'B Libres is a group of young French artists living communally in handmade structures, such as this cob home with a reciprocal roof.

Photo by Luke Griswold-Tergis

Chicken coop. “


Building materials had to be hauled to the difficult site by hand. Shakes for roof steamed to achieve curves. All dimensional lumber was milled from local ...

H I LT O N H E A D I S L A N D & B L U F F T O N. June 2018. home sweet home


Jay Nelson's Latest Treehouse

Makeover: 5 Ways to Create Smart Storage

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