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Drops from an Oar Lower McKenzie River Oregon H2O t

Drops from an Oar Lower McKenzie River Oregon H2O t


11 Dreamy Riverside Hot Springs

Best River Trails in Oregon | Rogue River Trail | Photo: Greg Von Doersten

11 Dreamy Riverside Hot Springs

Two root wads and strainers in close proximity in very shallow water with swift current near

11 Dreamy Riverside Hot Springs

Fallen fir tree that lies bank-to-bank on the McKenzie River below Deer

Typical steelhead run / Michael Gorman photo / McKenzie River Fishing Guide

Conservationists across Oregon held their breath at the close of 2018, as the Senate nearly passed a public lands package that would have created the 30,000 ...

Jeff Helfrich Outfitter Driftboat Fly Fishing Guide Middle Fork Salmon Idaho Rogue River Oregon

11 Dreamy Riverside Hot Springs

Checking in with Friends on the River

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Boaters enjoying the whitewater rapids on the McKenzie River.

There's No Place Like Eugene

So, this week Nick and I both went fishing. Oddly in some ways it reminded me of the Civil War: steelhead angler against steelhead angler, the North against ...

A bit of rain wouldn't hurt, but there are fish to be found all along the North Coast.

11 Dreamy Riverside Hot Springs

A young man enjoys floating the Barton-Carver stretch on the Clackamas River. He

Best River Trails in Oregon | North Umpqua River Trail | Photo: BLM Oregon/

the McKenzie River Photo thanks to the McKenzie River, part of the. River Journal series, published by Frank Amato Publications.



Paradise pool drop big water on the McKenzie

11 Dreamy Riverside Hot Springs

Oregon Wedding Venue at Eagle Rock Lodge

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Pleasant weather this past week had our local steelhead streams a little low and clear. The fresh push of fish we saw last week has slowed a bit, but don't ...

11 Dreamy Riverside Hot Springs

There is a sense of urgency from our patrons in the shop as anglers rush to cram as much as they can into the fleeting days of this shoulder season.

I look forward to spending a few nights there this summer with the children. I will also be back for the hot springs, which would have been a perfect end to ...

Jeff Helfrich Whitewater Rafting Rogue River Oregon

Portland Oregon River Rafting

Portland Oregon River Rafting

I couldn't help but stop on our drive to the hot springs on Friday evening to check out this little grass strip just off the road.

Portland Oregon River Rafting

Spring on the McKenzie

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In Dreams by Tula Top, via Wiesendanger Falls · Multnomah Creek · Columbia River Gorge · Bridal Veil · Oregon · USA

McKenzie River Oregon White Water Rafting Adventures Oregon Lakes, Northwest Usa, Rafting, North

Kayaking Sahalie Falls, McKenzie River, Oregon Photograph by Tim Kemple "This is the

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McKenzie River below Sahalie Falls, Oregon (USA). (Photo: Anna Stevenson

Cutthroat were native to the river, and probably rainbow, but hatchery plantings have disturbed the tracing of genetic trout heritage, particularly with ...

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Shipman Spare oar

Deschutes River in Oregon

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Jeff Helfrich Drift Baat Fishing

WoodenBoats in white water on the McKenzie – form follows function!!

Trip Highlights

It is a heavier fish and I tried to put a lot of pressure on it. It made a dash for the rapid, but I stopped it and turn it back towards us.

O.A.R.S. Oregon Adventures

Yellowstone River Drift Boat

water study part 2 cover page

Lower Deschutes River

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Summer on the McKenzie

Hot Springs

Most of our Coastal Rivers now have Winter Steelhead on Tap

Wind River Aerial

Jeff Helfrich First Class Trout Fishing! 1-877-855-6270

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George Recker on the oars… Marten Rapid – Class III – McKenzie River

Tumalo Falls

Typical Tailout / Michael Gorman photo / McKenzie River Fishing Guide

This spring-like weather isn't going to be around forever, so take advantage of it while you can.

Lower Salmon River Map designed by 5518 Designs for Idaho Afloat raft company. #design #printproduction #map

I'm sure you've heard steelhead referred to as a fish of 1000 casts. Sometimes it's more and sometimes it's less. Steelhead fishing is about playing the ...

While the Deschutes is still the number one destination for Trout and Steelhead anglers at the moment, there are other fisheries calling for our attention.

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Preparing for the capture / Michael Gorman photo / McKenzie River guide

McKenzie River Map

River rafting on the Rogue River with inflatable pontoon rafts and composite oars. #cataractoars

McKenzie River National Recreation Trail (Eugene) - All You Need to Know Before You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

It was a pleasure spending time on the water with you and I hope we do it again soon. I am glad you caught the only fish of the trip…not really.

Fall on the McKenzie

Rainy Day Hikes

Portland Oregon River Rafting

Adult Caddis / Michael Gorman / McKenzie River Fishing Guide

McKenzie River Two-Fly Tournament

Lower McDowell Creek Falls ~ Waterfall Wednesday

Cool Collection Of Oars... Apartment Therapy River House, House By The Lake


McKenzie River Two Fly Tournament

About sixty miles east of Eugene, the old McKenzie Highway branches off the new McKenzie Highway and starts winding up into the Cascades.

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McKenzie River Wild Trout

For the FLIES for the McKenzie River click here. To ORDER McKenzie direct from the publisher, click HERE.


Lower McKenzie Trip

and her family did some whitewater rafting in the White Salmon River while staying in Oregon.

Channels Bankside channel/ Michael Gorman photo / McKenzie River Fishing Guide

Chuck Beck / steelhead fly fishing / steelhead fly fishing guide

Fourth Annual Mckenzie River Wooden Boat Festival to be Held Saturday, April 25.

Boat Launch Closed for Low Water Season

Whitewater Rafting & Adventure Travel Vacations | OARS

Rafts on the Rogue River below Stair Creek, Oregon, USA

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