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An imagining of Herman Melville's character Bartleby the Scrivener's room, inspired by the room of

Architecture | Apkconcepts. Architecture Sketchbook · Architecture Panel · Architecture Design · Plan Sketch ...

London based Artist working from Big Orange Studio, Shoreditch. I like drawing cities and made Empire State of Pen.

modular home Danish studio Onen and Swedish company Add-A-Room Building A Container

Gallery of Montpelier Community Nursery / AY Architects - 19

the architecture draftsman stefan davidovici Architecture Sketchbook, Interior Architecture, Beautiful Architecture, Illustration Manga

draw-a-city: If you're as big a studio ghibli fan as I am, you might just recognise the next few houses. They're from Colmar in France, where Hayao Miyazaki ...

Alex Monroe Studio / DSDHA Coupes Architecture, Architecture Details, Architecture Graphics, Concept Architecture

Gallery of Harvard Art Museums Renovation and Expansion / Payette + Renzo Piano Building Workshop - 30

giuseppe gallo Drawing Sketches, Drawings, Architecture Images, Amazing Architecture, Group Projects,

Charles Correa: India's Greatest Architect


The 80 Best Architecture Drawings of 2017 (So Far), © David Florez

How to design like an architect | A modern home

A Virtual Look Inside the Case study house #12 by Whitney R Smith

99 Inspiring and Easy Cool Things to Draw for Architects by Architects Pen Sketch, Drawing

A Selection of the Best Architecture Sketches: Rogelio Ruiz Fernández

-Big basket for rolls of paper, accessible to drffting table -Clip on lamp -Reference/inspiration books within vision of working space

Click here to see the drawing at 100 dpi, which is life size if you are using a 1280 x 1024 pixel, 19 inch display. (Warning, this image is big!)

Hybrid: WINNER - Memento Mori A Peckham Hospice Care Home by Jerome, Xin Hao

Conceptual ...

The Best Architectural Drawings of 2018

Drawing room

All I Own House - Picture gallery Tiny Studio, House Studio, Little Big House

Hogwarts Castle architectural terms and spaces

Top tips for students of architecture ...

Sketchbook by Pat Perry

*Full list of Drawing Circus events here. Teaching CV or full exhibition list available on request.

Eyes As Big As Plates Studio | Converted Industrial Spaces #office # architecture Industrial Office

Clusters and Growth: PREVI Housing Project by James Stirling (1976)

Architecture Books Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. This means that at

31 Living Room Ideas from the Homes of Top Designers - Architectural Digest

For the installation Inbetween Architecture at V&A, Studio Mumbai draw inspiration from parasitic architecture that emerges between existing buildings in ...

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Brewery01 Brewery02 Brewery03 Brewery04 ...

pumphouse01 pumphouse02 pumphouse03 pumphouse04 ...

8 Small Living Room Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space - Architectural Digest

The Top Apps for Architects , Morpholio Trace. Work displayed by Sean Gallagher of Diller

An Indian drawing room

The Best Architecture Drawings of 2016

Edinburgh Castle Elevation similar to Hogwarts

Drawing together. Willow Brook Primary School. So carefully

from Eliinbar's Sketch book 2012 – Neil M. Denari Architects inspiration sources


Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Drawing together

Guertin01 Guertin02 Guertin03 Guertin04 Guertin05 Guertin06 ...

“Not so skin deep: vernacularism in XL” by Ziwei Song (MArch '


25 Best Studio Flat Design Ideas: Our Definitive Guide


Batman vs Superman illo Geof Darrow DD 500 pinup by Geof Darrow

When Minimalism Gets Extravagant: A Virtual Look at the Case Study House 17(2

moonchild2. Drawing thumbnails ...


Gifts For Architects - 2018 Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. This

The 10 Best Drawing Tablets

Expressive art making: using oil pastel and ink to explore emotion on a large scale


47 Amazingly Talented Artists and Designers to Follow on Instagram

What makes you a designer Bridge Section CAD Detail

Life as an Architect: Struggles, Joys, & Daily Life | Theatre Solutions Inc.


Park shares drawing tutorials on Youtube and finished work on Facebook. He has also published a book, which is available on Amazon. (via ARCHatlas)

Park shares drawing tutorials on Youtube and finished work on Facebook. He has also published a book, which is available on Amazon. (via ARCHatlas)

More books in Backlist Architecture

Park shares drawing tutorials on Youtube and finished work on Facebook. He has also published a book, which is available on Amazon. (via ARCHatlas)

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drawing ideas for beginners: engineering drawing step 3

Park shares drawing tutorials on Youtube and finished work on Facebook. He has also published a book, which is available on Amazon. (via ARCHatlas)

33 Wallpaper Ideas for Every Room. “

Extraordinary Wall Hooks For Coats As Your Simple Amazing Inspiration .

The Architecture of Cooking. Illustrations from: Urbain Dubois, La Cuisine Artistique, 1872

A “Formgiving” illustration by Ingels, drawn during the Surface cover shoot.

Studying the "Manual of Section": Architecture's Most Intriguing Drawing

Submitted by Miguel Roig Burgal

... ceremony and launch of The Big Draw Festival 2019 to be held in September. The winner of the People's Choice vote will be announced at the same time.

Something Changed That Day. Drawings ...

(Big Draw Organisers have access to event inspiration from the entire archive in the members area).

Edward Hopper drawing

Some of Kitson's sketchbook drawings are worked to a flawless finish, while others are abandoned or covered over — the sincerity of purpose, however, ...

#1) Tony and Hilary's 3 in 1 Studio: In this apartment, a custom-made "pod" and loft bed defines the space. Inside and out, the pod contains shelving.

drawing litter

The start of our Big Draw puzzle

drawing ellipses: Styrofoam cups

... giving the sense that each practice enriches the other. Routinely seeking out fresh views of popular sites for her sketches may likewise influence the ...

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Duomo Di Colonia. Courtesy Lorenzo Concas

Big Draw Blog

Building Drawings/Drawing Buildings: The Works of Sergei Tchoban

... order to squeeze in more visual information — including his own hands, legs and feet. At least for Heaston, an unhurried appreciation of the little ...

At the 2012 edition of Design Miami, the Italian-Danish studio presented a limited edition of stone tables for galerie Maria Wettergren, inspired by the ...