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Butterfly Garden in Early June 2016 ButterfliesBaubles Gardening

Butterfly Garden in Early June 2016 ButterfliesBaubles Gardening


Butterfly Garden in Early June 2016 | ButterfliesBaubles - Gardening | Pinterest | Butterfly and Garden

... Gardening by Butterflies and Baubles. Daylily

... Gardening by Butterflies and Baubles. Yarrow 3

... Gardening by Butterflies and Baubles. Left Butterfly Garden

... Gardening by Butterflies and Baubles. Yarrow

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... Gardening by Butterflies and Baubles. Oriental Lily

New Landscaping - Garden Week 7 - Butterflies and Baubles

Weeping Norway and Dwarf Blue Spruce - Butterflies and Baubles


Very easy to grow. Mine were small seedlings from a nursery that I planted in the spring. I fertilized them a couple of times in the early ...

May Blooms - 2018

Weeping Norway and Dwarf Blue Spruce - Butterflies and Baubles

Weeping Norway and Dwarf Blue Spruce - Butterflies and Baubles

A week later, they were huge! Over two inches long, and FAT!


butterflies released in garden

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Now if you see these ugly critters on your plant, don't freak out. They are Milkweed Bugs, Oncopeltus Fasciatus. They also feed on milkweed, ...

Front Garden Update - June '18 - Butterflies and Baubles

Monarch ...

Monarch on swamp milkweed Arsenal

A few days later they were about an inch long.

This photo of the Hydrangea quercifolia was taken in early June. Now the blooms are entirely open and covered in bees. We love the bees!

Monarchs on milkweed means I have a Butterfly Garden. They are baby Monarch caterpillars, and they were a little less than an inch long.

Monarch Butterfly Release "Better than any church service" – texasbutterflyranch

Will ...

Milkweed seeds taking flight by Linda Park–Milkweed pods split open in early fall to reveal a tuft of downy fluff attached to each seed.

Summer marches on and soon autumn will begin to show her hand with shorter days and chilly mornings ...

Favourite Private Gardens: Historic Gardens: Part 1

Photo by Scott Ball


Deck the halls: an Aussie Pollinator Christmas – Ecology is not a dirty word

Green wall being built. We love the palette of strong greens tinged with purple.

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Monarch on milkweed

A wooky pathway

Red Admiral butterfly

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The flowerpot man directs traffic

Seems everywhere I go these days I hear about pollinator gardens, bee-friendly plants, and bee gardens. Everyone is finally getting into planting for bees ...

The Listening Space well-beeing garden.

Homemade Garden Ornaments for Kids to Make - Happy Hooligans

and has already been visited by a few late butterflies, including this one (no idea what it is), posing on this newly planted Aster pringlei 'Pink Star'…

Naomi and the nasturtiums

They seek out undisturbed land, so gardens are a tough sell for butterflies. Still, I plant it for the pollinators.

Butterflies ...

It may now be mid September, but in our heart it is still mid August, and we are in a romantic, languid mood. The reason: three gardens, we are currently ...

Page 1. the botanic gardener The magazine for botanic garden professionals

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Well, my neglected garden at the old house has amazed me this year. With very little attention, and no watering during the months of drought, here are some ...

The flower field in the Flower Dome is transformed into a rich tapestry of red, gold and pink, in time for the Mid-Autumn celebrations at Gardens by the Bay

Blue on blue, or azul on azul in this case, as the the painted wall is the garden shed, a.k.a. Casa Azul à la Frida Kahlo.

Sow Native Milkweed and Save the Monarch Butterfly

The standing angel was given to me by a student many years ago, the vase itself a gift from my Man of Many Talents when we still lived in a flat in ...

Collage ...

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Monarch butterflies by Betty ...

Photo by Scott Ball

Late-emerging butterfly by Margaret Montplaisir–Native butterflies, like this beautiful eastern black swallowtail, still need nectar sources in the early ...


Visiting the South Coast Botanical Garden June 3rd 2015

Photo by Monika Maeckle

Einz ...

National Kandawgyi Gardens, Pyin Oo Lwin, Burma

Embark on a botanical journey back in time as Gardens by the Bay's popular tulip festival, Tulipmania, traces the roots of the alluring tulip and ...


With little over a year, of part time work with Barefoot Soulutions, I can clearly notice my personal growth. The Turkana Project has proven, time and again ...

Butterfly & Bees GroMór

New Lanark Gardens Diary: October 2017

Carpenter bee on swamp milkweed by Kathy Enquist–Not just for Monarch butterflies, milkweeds –and other native plants– are important food sources for a ...

BUTTERFLIES AND BAUBLES. Wild flowers at the Desert Botanical Gardens are beautiful this year. The butterfly exhibit is open now, too.

Two butterflies on beautiful flowers in a butterfly garden in Zoo Budapest

I have also planted a lot of different grasses here as wind protection as well as for their love of dry and open positions. But among the grasses are ...

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seawinds to kings falls a bushwalk on the mornington peninsula

10 May 2018 Experience the enduring magic of Enid Blyton at Children's Festival @ Gardens by the Bay

By February in northeast Ohio we are looking forward to some sign of green. We are hoping to be caressed by the humidity and warmth of early spring, ...

Chris and Sally Parsons at the

Wintering in the south

Farmer Gardening in a Concrete Jungle of Tropical Flowers

After seeing few to no monarch butterflies for the past 3 years suddenly in September they appeared. First one or two every few days, then more and more ...

02 Apr 2015 Tulipmania returns for third year with largest variety of tulips at Gardens by the Bay

Birds and butterflies

Festiva maxima

Top Two Photos: Viceroy Butterfly.

Butterflies conjure up images of sunshine, warmth, and meadows full of colourful wildflowers teaming with life. However butterflies are fragile which makes ...

Colourful Wooden garden butterfly ornament. UK - Stock Image

knitted cushions

Farm Shop Fresh Food

HIlde “ ...

Green garden vista by Joe Scarlatta–Flowers may be fabulous, but it pays to think beyond the petals. Above, the combined effect of subtle shades of green, ...

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