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Arabic Graffiti Projects to Try t Graffiti Street Art

Arabic Graffiti Projects to Try t Graffiti Street Art


Arabic Calligraphy by elSeed

Gambar Graffiti Tulisan Arab Keren dan Menarik

Gambar Graffiti Tulisan Arab Keren dan Menarik

Street art, depicting an artist graffitiing, in south Tel aviv (photo credit:

Both ...

A detail of "Dear Dad," by Fel300ft at Lincoln Street

Speaking with Rocko

This Arabic graffiti was made after a series of terrorist bombings targeting Beirut, everyone knew who's responsible but no one dared to catch him…

An Introduction to Street Art in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

reorientmag: “Street art in Gaza #palestine #palestinian #gaza #arab #arabic #streetart #graffiti ”

A Nelson Mandela quote on a wall in Cape Town, South Africa: “It always seems impossible until it's done.” Photo: Kent Lingeveldt

eL Seed paints messages of hope and inspiration in his self-styled Arabic script.

Arabic Graffiti - extended edition by From Here To Fame Publishing - issuu

Urban Art · Istanbul ( in Arabic ) by *bakeroner http://bakeroner.deviantart.

The result of White wall's Arabic Graffiti workshop held by Pascal Zoghbi and Zepha aka Vincent Abadie Hafezi 2012

Part of the Woman on Walls project, made by Mona Lisa Brigade and others,

Gambar Graffiti Tulisan Arab Keren dan Menarik

Revolutionary Art or “Revolutonizing Art”? Making Art on the Streets of Cairo

Pharaonic women in battle by Alaa Awad

How One Street Artist is Spreading Peace Around the World with Arabic Calligraphy

Assil Diab: Being an Arab Muslim female painting the streets is not always applauded

Akshay Kumar Mangla on. 3d Street Art ...

A painter uses his brush against a policeman armed with a mace. This mural is at the intersection of Muhammad Mahmud Street and Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt.

Beyond protest art: A new wave of graffiti is coloring the Arab world - Middle East News - Haaretz.com

... the Arab Spring puts the importance of freedom of expression in sharp relief, we of course more typically see graffiti and street art in freer societies ...

Gambar Graffiti Tulisan Arab Keren dan Menarik

Arabic Graffiti: Paperback Edition

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Joohee Park's mural at Pow! Wow! Worcester.

(Who wouldn't want a Banksy original on their wall?) As opposed to more chaotic graffiti ...

The Arabic Alphabet, consisting of twenty-eight letters, where twenty-five are consonants and the other three vowels, is a calligraphic art form.


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People pass by Murad Subay's mural "Flowers Bouquet" in Sanaa in May 2015.

Fairouz Honored with Huge Graffiti in Beirut

Street art is a frequent fascination of mine. Today, we turn to seven stunning, intelligent books that examine street art from a variety of angles, ...

Making Graffiti an Iranian Art: The Works of Tehran-based Street Artist Ghalamdar - Ajam Media Collective

Ashekman traveled to Birmingham from Lebanon for a flying visit to bring their well know Arabic Calligraffiti style of work to the mural.

"A Man's Threat & a Woman's Pet," ...

Some of Paris' best street art can be found in Belleville © EQRoy / Shutterstock

"The Sprouting of Revolutionary Fists," mural by Zoo Project in Tunis, Tunisia.

Lebanese artist Yazan Halwani has attained global fame painting the streets of Beirut. He talks branding, branching out and his fear of turning Beirut into ...

Street artist Ziv Samech working on the mural in south Tel Aviv. Meged Gozani. “

This piece by Peter Ferrari is going to be made into a shirt design, according

Marcus Barnes: 'Graffiti art can be a positive force' | Art and design | The Guardian

Amazing Arabic Graffiti Collection in a book!

'My Identity marries eL Seeds two biggest inspirations - graffiti and Arab cities. The

What do you all think is the appropriate response to graffiti from law enforcement and communities?

Batik-inspired piece by Slacsatu

Street art spray painted under a bridge in

Ruben Sanchez- Bicycamel. Dubai, 2013

Artist: Louis Masai, photo: Neil James, location: Redpoint Climbing Centre, 40 Winterstoke Road, Bristol

10 Stunning Activist Street Art Examples That Prove Imagination & Creativity Can Change The World

Artwork by Fin DAC, Los Angeles. Photo by Lord Jim, via Flickr.

My Name is Palestine

Artolution has also explored environmental issues through its community mural projects. In the Arab fishing village of Jizr az Zarqa in northern Israel, ...

Subverting the Script: 'Homeland' Graffiti Artists Use Same Techniques as Native Americans | HuffPost

White Wall's Arabic Graffiti murals: "Self Revolution" by Ali, Yazan and Zepha, Beirut, 2012

Beyond protest art: A new wave of graffiti is coloring the Arab world - Middle East News - Haaretz.com

Using pastel colours, Attar drew a whale in Sweifieh to highlight environmental and water issues in Jordan [Zab Mustefa/Al Jazeera]

A mural by Kosek on Newark Street at 20th Street in

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Graffiti 14

This street art was captured four years ago by an iReporter in

A1one Tehran, Iran 2011

Graffiti 16

Street art in

Zhai Zhixin, Shanghai, 2010

sAnki – Iqra, 2014