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A team of medical researchers have discovered an amazing berry from

A team of medical researchers have discovered an amazing berry from


This is Yujiang Fang, M.D., Ph.D., a visiting professor at the MU School of Medicine.

Cancer-fighting berry found on Blushwood tree ONLY grows in Queensland | Daily Mail Online

Gene therapy treatment for cystic fibrosis may be possible by 2020, scientists say | Science | The Guardian

The study led by Dr Glen Boyle (pictured) found a single injection of the

Prof. Dot Bennett

Tim Thomas

Parkinson's disease protein buys time for cell repair. Our researchers have discovered how a ...

Researchers in the lab

Associate Professor Chris Tonkin in his office

MU-developed Green Nanotechnology being Explored as Tool in Fight Against Breast Cancer

Nicholas Huntington

... the Medical Research Council. 21 December 2016

Investigator Resources. At the University of Missouri School of Medicine, our researchers have ...

Drug discovery

IMG 1647

An eight-year study by a medical research institute has found that a compound in blushwood berries that kills cancer cells in skin melanomas.

A first of its kind study led by Institute researchers has detected potentially harmful levels of gluten in foods sold and served as 'gluten-free' across ...

Jane Visvader

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Dr Brad Sleebs

doctors oversee patient

Blushwood berries in the wild.

With the help of CRISPR genome editing, researchers have found a way to take the groundcherry (Physalis pruinosa) from almost wild to almost domesticated in ...

Andreas Strasser

Dr Bob Anderson

One in seven medical students has considered suicide during their studies, research says

Dr Drew Berry

The peer review process for identifying anomalies in research before it is published is clearly failing

'Good' prion-like proteins boost immune response. '

Blueberry extract could help in the fight against cancer, say researchers.

New half-match bone marrow transplant

Everything you need to know about basophils

Order of Australia for AID member

In today's Magazine. '

Constabel, next to some low-lying salal bushes near First Peoples House. In the spoon are (l-r) frozen ripe berries, young berries and blossoms.

Higher flavonoid intake is associated with an attenuated rate of cognitive decline over a 10-

Dr John Menting and Associate Professor Mike Lawrence investigate how insulin and the related insulin-

Bird flu study to probe genetic immunity of species

In a year with more than its fair share of lies and half-truths, doctors could find refuge in scientific research, like a Yale School of Medicine study on ...


Freshly picked blueberries sit in baskets at the University of Georgia horticulture farm in Athens, Ga. Credit: Stephanie Schupska/UGA

Anti-ageing researcher Professor David Sinclair from the University of NSW and the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School. Picture: Gary Ramage

The "Asking for a Friend" logo over a photo of blueberries

Using this new technique scientists hope to discover causes of repeat miscarriages, giving hope to

Pokémon Go and Mew: How to finish Mythical Discovery Field Research fast!

... New molecule stops cancer from 'tricking' the immune system

In a world first, Melbourne scientists have discovered a new type of anti-cancer drug that can put cancer cells into a permanent sleep, without the harmful ...

The Crispr researcher ...

Jonas Salk. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

During the study, the rodents with the removed gene were fed a high fat diet

EPFL researcher ...

Researchers successfully eliminate HIV virus from cultured human cells - YouTube

Early embryo

Scientists discover natural remedies to fight prostate cancer | Research Matters

University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry: Practice Makes Perfect – Fake Organs Guide the Way for 'Impossible' Cancer Surgery

Cornelia Weyand and her team have figured out why people with heart disease are more susceptible to getting shingles.

ACMD Research Week Flyer 6-10 Aug 2018.jpg

A team of Australian researchers led by Glen Boyle from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane, Queensland, has just completed an ...

Katrina Campbell working in a lab

Bitter leaf...researchers have found that water-based extract of bitter leaf

Albert Einstein College of Medicine Scientists Discover How Antiviral Gene Works: Finding Could Form Basis for Potent New Drugs

Message to Filipino-American group and page administrators.

From bench to bedside in two years: a new drug for bowel cancer patients starts clinical trials across the UK

Researchers have found that a tumor's surrounding environment influences the spread of cancer cells.

Hierarchy of evidence.

Study: Rutin found in fruits and vegetables protect mice against snake venom

Laureate Professor Rodney Scott

Photo of student and professor at Health Sciences Research Day.

Dr Lindsay Wu's research suggests we could reverse infertility. Picture Stephen Cooper

NIH Scientists Adapt New Brain Disease Test for Parkinson's, Dementia with Lewy Bodies


Compound found in berries and red wine can rejuvenate cells, suggests new study

Become a Part of Our Future

A recent discovery by a pair of research teams is spurring optimism regarding new Hepatitis B drug treatments. Scientists at the Universities of York and ...

Whole tomato extract may prevent, treat stomach cancer You might want to add tomatoes to your grocery list; researchers have found that whole tomato extract ...

Newborns with vitamin D deficiency have an increased risk of schizophrenia later in life, a team of Australian and Danish researchers has reported.

Example message posted to study group by research team.

One of the biggest and most important science stories of the past few years will probably also be one of the biggest science stories of the next few years.

Researchers have discovered the ...

Cumulative number of publications about meta- analysis over time, until 17 December 2009 (

Message to groups and pages for Study 2.

Quest for the elixir of life and reversing the ageing process1:17

Two scientists with lab coats

Dr Stuart Mannering from St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research said the goal was to design

... consider giving thanks for the bacteria-busting ability of cranberry juice, say dental researchers who have discovered that the beverage holds important ...

Our laboratory is a team of undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral researchers advised by Prof. Sarah Heilshorn. Our group members come from many ...