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10 Trees Every Homesteader Should Plant And Why Most homesteads

10 Trees Every Homesteader Should Plant And Why Most homesteads


Most homesteads are surrounded by an abundance of trees growing in the wild. This is great for firewood and shade, but selectively planting certain trees ...

Ginko Tree ...

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It's quite possible you may have some oak trees growing already, but the Burr oak produces an acorn that is naturally sweet and not as bitter as acorns from ...

White Willow Bark ...

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Well Planned Garden

Homestead Acts

Working on the homestead!

Teri lives on 10 acres in Missouri with her family of four. She is the. Homesteader ...



Foraging Wild Woodland Crops

Off Grid Home From the Woods in Vermont

10 Things To Consider When Buying Land For Your Homestead | When we began to consider

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Most people think you need a lot of land to grow all your own food,

Meg Haskell | BDN

10 Most Important Homesteading Skills ...

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How we Afford to Homestead

Living Off the Grid - Mather Homestead

how to buy a homestead

The Challenge of Living Off-Grid

How to choose a location for planting fruit trees and bushes on the homestead

Plum Trees

Why We Are Homesteaders: 28 Reasons to Homestead

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A Mulberry Tree Guild in full bloom for inspiration as you're planning your fruit

How Much Land You Need for a Homestead or Farm | High Sierra Permaculture

10 Homestead Tools You Should Have (They're Inexpensive!)


A homestead orchard will provide a bounty of healthful fruit.

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But what goals should you set as a homesteader? That is an interesting question and one I've yet to answer…until now. So let me tell you about all the ...

Homestead planning

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10 Luxuries We Have Off Grid (that most suburban homes don't...) — Practical Self Reliance

Homestead planning and design #homestead #homesteading #homesteaddesign #gardenplanning #chickenkeeping #farmplans

... to the self-sufficient lifestyle, then think about honing in on one of these homesteading basics and essential skills every homesteader needs to know.

Original Ozark Homestead on 10 Acres! $500 down! InstantAcres.com - HR27

How Much It Really Costs to Homestead on Less Than an Acre

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Planning the Homestead Orchard

The McBride homestead is located just outside Mobile on the Southern Shore. (Bruce Tilley/CBC)

A Glimpse at Simple Homesteading Life in the 1800s

Welcome to the Modern Homesteading Podcast, where we talk about all things homesteading, we discuss things like gardening, livestock, food preservation, ...

Super Easy Spring Gardening Check List - The Hip Homestead

October 2018

Our homestead

How We Built a 10 Acre Homestead in a Year (from scratch)

Don't Buy a Treed Acreage or Homestead - Too Many Trees Too Much Work?

The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre!: Carleen Madigan: 9781603421386: Amazon.com: Books

How We're Preparing To Make Maple Syrup

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The top 10 urban homesteading tips to get your place growing, bountiful, and more self sufficient, no matter if you're in a city or the suburbs.

Planting A Homestead Orchard With Dwarf Fruit Trees


August 2017

Homestead cabins have become a cottage industry in the desert - Los Angeles Times

Homestead permaculture gardens

To 10 Mulch Alternatives That We Use On Our Homestead!

How to Design and Plant a Stunning Berry Walk Garden - The Hip Homestead


I think many of us (myself included!) dreamed of owning a farm or homestead for awhile before it actually became a reality. There are lots of considerations ...

Feature | Grow Trees From Twigs On Your Homestead | Homesteading

Start your orchard off on the right foot by preparing and planting with care. This

Dilapidated homestead cabins are the superstars of this landscape, along with Joshua trees, impossibly enormous horizons, and crazy beautiful night skies.

HOMESTEAD SKILLS DONE ANYWHERE | Homesteading for Beginners

making money on a small homestead

The Woodland Homestead

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How to grow Goji Berries at Home - The Hip Homestead

Self-Sufficiency Requires More Space

How to Prepare your Homestead for Winter + Free Checklist!

Staking Out a Homestead

$500 down 10 acre homestead in Missouri Ozarks! Drone Video - InstantAcres.com - HR27